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Thread: How Low Can We Go? The President Donald Trump Thread, I guess. :(

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    Rick Wilson's hilarious. He is a conservative and a Republican, so he's not someone I'd want actually influencing policy. Like you said, he can "only be trusted so far." But he's refreshingly scathing of Trump supporters, whereas a lot of prominent people on the centre and left, I find, want to mollycoddle them with this misguidedly patronizing approach ("economic anxiety"). And being an actually funny conservative makes him an extremely rare creature, almost like a unicorn.

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    The refreshing thing about Rick Wilson is that he’s smart. Yeah he’s a conservative but he’s also acknowledged that people like him are part of what led the GOP down this path, and he’s a big enough person to admit that the idiocy has gotten out of control and we need sanity back. I’ve yet to hear a quote from a Democrat quite as scathing as what Rick can come up with.

    I miss the days when my disagreements with people like him, or John McCain, or Mitt Romney were largely over policy, and not whether or not they were totally fucking nuts and selling out the country.

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    As far left as I am, I believe also we need balance. I mean, I live in the bluest state so I know what happens when there isn't balance. One party without some push back leads to corruption and stagnation. We don't need a large, strong conservative party to hold back true progress, especially social progress, but sometimes we need someone a little to the right of us to say "Hey you ding dong hippies. Can you just pump the brakes for a second while the rest of us catch up?" Not always. But sometimes.

    Anyway, this made me chuckle. Everything this guy posts makes me chuckle.

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    Yeah, I also like Rick Wilson. And his book has the best title of all the anti-Trump books.

    And I also believe in balance between sane and decent conservatives and liberals. The problem is that there are fewer and fewer of the former leading the Rs now. I actually support the idea of a center-right party that isn't bugfuck crazy. But I don't know where those folks are today. (There are exceptions, like Wilson.) Trumpies aren't conservatives. They're fucking nihilists.
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    Where's the mind bleach?

    Well played!
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