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Thread: How Low Can We Go? The President Donald Trump Thread, I guess. :(

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    Who knows what happens next, but tonight I will pour myself a gin and tonic, grab some olives and watch Fox News.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volta View Post
    ^Oh it would have been awful, horrible, and nasty mean.. but they could have probably gotten the 216 they needed. And most of these jerks are awful, horrible, nasty mean people. anyway, who say they're Christians and then go about hurting poor people for their own benefit (a fundamental no no to any Christian).

    I'm just hoping and praying they won't go that route.. that somewhere deep down this is over and you're right and Trump, or whomever, actually cares about the millions who would lose,, etc. But the Freedom Caucus wanted to get rid of so much essential benefits anyway.. just seems like the smart move would have been to just get rid of ACA, then maybe build something new from there.. and then not do shit.
    But if they take it away (the non-freedom caucus people), then THEY are the people who took it away. They want it gone, just not to pull the trigger PERSONALLY. I'm only surprised they didn't hot potato it over to the Senate. The Freedom Caucus has to get re-elected too. Maybe they're mostly in the most red, the most ignorant districts, but they're not an unstoppable force. We are, however, an immovable object.

    NONE of the republicans against UHC really care about the uninsured out of moral or ethical reasons. It's optics for re-election ONLY. So a straight repeal (and a repeal/replace that was worse than ACA) would have meant a bloodbath in 2018. Blue senate, blue House. Individuals might remain, but the GOP would be done for a very long time. They might have made SOME of their base more devoted, but that's maybe 15% of the population. Maybe. The polls were all saying any R voting for this bill (which at least in theory was better than a straight repeal) was out in 2018, 2020, 2022.

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