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Thread: How Low Can We Go? The President Donald Trump Thread, I guess. :(

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    Hevrin Khalaf was a politician and human rights activist who was dragged from her car, raped, and stoned to death by Turkish-backed jihadists in northern Syria a few days ago...
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    I can't deal emotionally with the Turkey stuff. I get physically ill. I give my attention to the dumb and salacious because I would lose my mind on the other things.

    And the "lesser" things still make me purple with rage.

    I'm really looking forward to Ronan's book

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    The Khalaf story really upset me. And that was before I found out she had also been raped.

    The Trump Administration really seems to be crumbling. Of course, what's happening to the Kurds is too high a price to pay for that. I always believed that an absolute disaster in foreign policy was coming. I take no pleasure in being right about that.
    And it's going to be how do we think government should work and who do we think government should work for?

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    This situation with Turkey is horrific
    One of my worst predictions come true
    Take no pleasure, we’ll said, SFM
    This is plain sad
    most people don’t seem to full comprehend both the humanitarian tragedy and that we just took a major victory for our enemies; Russia, Turkey, & IS are all getting away with murder.
    This only makes them stronger, us weaker
    The brutality and genocidal acts of the Turks were inspirational to Hitler

    humanitarian activism was born out of American witnesses writing about the atrocities in Turkey
    Here we are today, handing them over innocents to be slaughtered a hundred years later.

    Heart so broken
    I’m listening to Diamanda Galas tonight
    "this way, that way, i am of two minds" -sappho

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    Trump is the ultimate case study. Are we even real right now? I don’t understand how he sleeps at night but I also have never seen someone good or evil never suffer a loss. His whole life has been win, win, win no matter what. And the couple times he was on the verge of a loss... his father came to the rescue and he stepped away from losing his tv show right onto a debate stage where one by one he annihalated every opponent.
    Beat Hillary, got off clean with Mueller.

    But today 2-1 Republicans voted against his Actions in Syria. That’s a loss. He’s also losing Graham and I think the 700 Club is walking away from him as we speak.
    He is so disliked, I wonder why he hasn’t done a media campaign of visiting hospitals or taking his grandkids trick or treating later this month. Something softer and kinder. I guess he’s just not kind. Even Bush, who destroyed it more than anyone before him, put out cute videos of his dogs running around the Whitehouse during holidays.

    But Trump got this far all on his own, I’m sure he’s fine going it alone even more. Because those wrestlemania fans, his key voting block, aren’t phased by any of it.
    Who said you were evil?
    My SAT scores.

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