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Thread: 2017 Albums

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanstew View Post
    New video from Nadine.

    Can't wait for the album! Fast Food is on heavy rotation in Beanstew Towers.

    I love her on twitter too.

    Loving the new single! Really looking forward to this album.

    Her guitar parts often remind me of indie bands I listened to in the 80s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve SFM View Post
    So finally, I haz a potential AOTY.

    I want to write a big-ass review, but I'm on my iPhone until I get a new computer, and every time I try to write a long post, it gets eaten. So, I'll just throw this out.

    Juliana Hatfield, Pussycat

    Is this is the Trump-era protest album we've all been waiting for?? IMO YES. I have always loved her socio-political lyrics, and combining them with wholesome '60s girl pop is like a stroke of genius without even trying. I'm living for the raunchy songs right now, especially "Sex Machine"... possibly the most unappealing, un-sexy song to ever carry that title. She sings "put your dick in the sex machine" in the most deadpan voice ever, and it sounds like a dare.

    How I missed her!!

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    I discovered Max Richter's music after watching ARRIVAL
    He released some new work this year: Three Worlds, music inspired by Virginia Woolf-novels

    Tips for listening:
    War anthem and Meeting again from the Mrs. Dalloway-tracks are highlights - so sad and so beautiful at the same time,
    Tuesday, the endtrack from "The Waves" is also stunning.
    The Orlando inspired tracks have more electronica, but are georgeous, too.

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