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Thread: Songs: live incarnations

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    Songs: live incarnations

    Every Tori song has many incarnations, mostly live, but also alternative mixes and remixes. I thought I'd be interesting to use this thread to share our favourite versions of Tori's live catalogue, so that we can let other people discover beautiful performances they might not know. There are a lot of threads with youtube links, but most of the live material cannot be found there, plus the links are not downloadable, so here is a space where we can upload and comment.

    I'll start first:

    A sorta fairytale - live from Munich Bayern3 radio

    This is probably my favourite version of ASF ever. It's only piano and voice. She stars playing and she fucks it up right before the refrain, so she starts again with a heartbreaking improv that, in my opinion, adds a lot to the song:

    "It's all gone, like a song, sometimes things keep happening. I said, it's all gone, like his dream, guess I wasn't what he wanted me to be".

    This performance really captures the nostalgic feel of the piece, the way she looks back and sees everything she lived and lost, and still she knows there was no other way it could end up. Just listen to the sweetness of the long "steal" at 4.35.

    (the mp3 is in 128 kbps, unfortunately I never found it in any higher rate)
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