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Thread: Wuthering Heights, 86 vocal?

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    Wuthering Heights, 86 vocal?

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been reading through some threads on here but I've not really spotted anything about the new vocal version of "Wuthering Heights" from "The Whole Story". What is everyone's view on this version?

    I'm probably going to Kate Bush hell when I say this, but I vastly prefer her vocal performance to the original, which at times I find a little unbearable. It irks me so much that it's her most well known song, because I don't really think it's an accurate representation of her as artist overall. Although she was young when she wrote and recorded it, but the original vocal performance - especially on the verses - is just a little bit too screachy banshee for me. I think her voice was really at it's peak around the mid-80's and had way more depth and power behind it as she got a little older. Even some of the performances on BTD knock the socks off the originals because her voice has deepened but got a hell of a lot more belt behind it.

    So, shoot me, but I prefer this

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    Funny, I never realized there was a difference.

    That's because The Whole Story was my first Kate Bush "album", the first version of any Kate Bush song I ever heard, and it was only many years after first discovering it that I even learned it was a compilation. Because Kate Bush is an artist I can appreciate, but don't consistently love, I've never spent too much time exploring her catalog or developing deep knowledge about it. That said, I really have no excuse, because I do have The Kick Inside, and it includes several of my favorite Kate Bush songs: Moving, Strange Phenomena, Feel It, and Oh To Be In Love.

    Will have to check it out.

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    I think the only reason I prefer New Vocal is because that was the first one I heard. Back in Napster days it was one of the first songs I downloaded. So I didn't like the original version at all when I finally got around the buying the CD, but I've come to appreciate it since then. Even with the lisping and the shrill parts, it's a pretty impressive vocal... even more so when you consider she was only a teenager, and it is a technically difficult song for anyone. I like the ecstatic girlyness of it.

    That said, New Vocal still tends to be my default. The breakdown at the end gives it the edge for me.

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    The ending is definitely superior with Cathy/Kate hollering away, but those 80's drums kill it for me.
    They say you were something in those formative years...

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    I've always preferred the new vocal version, the original sounds a bit too shrill in comparison. The drum track is actually the same, just mixed differently with some reverb, hence the slight 80's vibe (to me it sounds pretty timeless whereas the original screams the 1970´s).

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    I think the '80s vibe is a better fit for the song tbh. It's got a big, booming chorus and the original one is kind of quaint/cute by comparison.

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    I think the original is untoppable, but I do think her vocals peaked for me around the time of the '86 version. One thing that drives me crazy about the '86 version, however, is when she sings "you know it's me, Kathy", she's totally sharp on the "Kathy" note. Can't understand for the life of me why she used that take. (Upon relistening, it could have been intentional, like an extra grace note thrown in there. But I just think it sounds awkward/like a mistake).
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