the pit crew, the mini challenges, the set up for the show before the main challenge, runways that are not two seconds long, judges critiques that are not two seconds long. vh1 was not the right fit for Drag Race.

Charlie thought he was so fabulous. i don't know why. Alexis Michelle seems to think the same way. Those two are the most boring. He did not think he would be on the bottom. He mentioned Bianca del Rio didn't have to lip sync. Bianca is suuuuuper fierce. He was sure Peppermint would be on the bottom. You could tell by the Untucked. In the earlier episodes he alluded to ageism being the reaon he wasn't doing well. No. He is boring and basic. He is not funny. He knew he would lose the lip sync. so, his ego feels better saying he chose not to participate. So, he can always fall back on saying Trinity did not beat him fair and square. He went home because he chose to. Not because he was sent home. If his ribs were cracked, he would have played that excuse like a fiddle to stay in the game. and cried in front of the judges. and stood up and proclaimed it in the Untucked. Glad his boring ass is gone.

Valentina, Nina, and Shea are my favorites right now.