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Thread: Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Father Lucifer View Post
    As promised, new music is in the way. And after watching this clip, I'm effing excited!
    I'm confused. I thought that clip was just a promo or interlude for the tour. Is there some new music news somewhere? (I'm hoping!)

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    You're right. It's not new music. It's used as an interlude for the concert. BUT I am excited to hear this new sound. She could've chosen something 'country' but she didn't. So I remain hopeful.

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    I saw the Tampa show earlier this month. She looked and sounded great, she performed her ass off, the sets were cool...but a LOT of the songs, especially the older stuff, was truncated, missing entire verses and bridges. Wasn't thrilled about that. Like...if you're doing Poker Face, do the whole damn thing, plz.

    Also--and this might just be because I'm getting older/grouchier--it was a LONG show, even with the truncated songs. Like, okay, I appreciate you performing for 2+ hours because the tickets were expensive, but my attention/energy starts to seriously decrease at the 1.5 hour mark. (Also, fuck you to the Tampa arena for stopping alcohol sales halfway through the show. Gimme my beers!!)
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