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Thread: Legs&Boots Highlights

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    Legs&Boots Highlights

    As many of you may know, I'm not really fond of L&B's; I don't like her voice on most of them, I don't like that the piano is almost unhearable and I often don't like the way they are mixed (the drums seem separated from the rest, for example).
    A couple of years ago, though, I re-downloaded them from Amazon and i-tunes, and found out that the mixing was improved. A couple of them especially are so goodly mixed, the performance is so tight and the instruments are so perfectly blended, that even when her voice fails they're still quite enjoyable (San Diego, Dallas, Melbourne, Ft Myers).

    So, in case someone is interested, I dedided to post a list of my favourite picks from all the boots. Some songs I like because of the band and the good mix, other because of her performance, very few because of the piano (which was consistently bad/sparse).

    Bouncing Off clouds - Pittsburgh (my favourite off all the boots and I like it way better than the album version)
    Precious things - Pittsburgh (It starts with a long, trancey guitar intro and the performance is quite good)
    Digital ghost - Pittsburgh (It's a softer version and conveys a sadness that is not present in the other performances)
    Liquid Diamonds - Indianapolis
    Mother - Indianapolis
    Ruby Through the Looking glass - Vancouver (very beautiful version. It's missing the "waterfall" bridge, but the piano is better than on the Original Bootlegs, and it has some interesting variations)
    Spring Haze - Washington (the tightest version, with a nice little piano intro, very heartfelt and she doesn't spit her lungs out as usual. The mixing is better on other versions, though)
    Northen Lad - Boston (NL is never really good on these boots, but this is the most enjoyable version. I like how raw it is and how she sound emotionally engaged)
    Bells for Her - Boston (One of my favourite versions. The long intro sounds like breaking music boxes)
    Martha's Foolish Ginger - Clearwater (I LOVE MFG and this here it's simply beautiful, with the rodhes instead of the piano. It's just a pity that she misses a line, but whatever)
    Liquid Diamonds - Philadelphia (Another good version, I especially like how the synths sound on this)
    Garlands - Montreal (better than Boston 05, the piano is softer and I love the way she belts the central part)
    Devils and Gods - Montreal (it was much much better on the early shows of the tour, especially with the Tubulars Bells intro. The "lady lay" part is sung in such a way that she can avoid the higher notes, but it's still better than the Washington one)
    Tear in your hand - Dallas (I love the e-bow guitar here)
    Sugar - Dallas (Fierce, with a very long Sugaaaaaaaar in the beginning)
    Bliss - Dallas (Not mad about this one, but it's the best of the lot)
    Horses - Detroit (LOVE it. Love the e-bow guitar, the atmosphere, the way she sings "the camera is rolling")
    Mountain - Ft Myers (The mix is so good that you don't notice the imperfections. I even like how her voice breaks at the end)
    Voodoo - Ft Myers
    Suede - Ft Myers (The voice is so loud and upfront here that by the middle of the song it gets annoying. But it's still a good version, the Hammond fits it gracefully)
    A Sorta Fairytale - Lawrence (I only like the band here. On L&B her voice was consistently bad on this song, but this specific one is the least-worst of all)
    Mother Revolution - Lawrence (my favourite version ever of this song, so powerful)
    Little Earthquakes - Melbourne
    Juarez - Melbourne (She fucks it a bit at the beginning and she adds a little improv. It's very heartfelt, of course it's not nearly good as 1999 or 2001, but still.)
    Little Amsterdam - Melbourne (with a beautiful intro, very nice)
    The Beekeeper - Melbourne (one of the best versions of this song ever. The way she belts the last verse. And the mix is excellent)
    Sweet sangria - Nashville
    Dixieland - Nashville (an early version of Dixie, it has the same refrain, lovely)
    Hotel - Nashville (The mix is excellent and she belts the last part. Her voice on the highs is quite weak, as it always is on L&Bs, but not bad)
    Tombigbee - San Diego (I love the sound and the band, her voice leaves a bit to be desired)
    Virginia - San Diego (I've grown to love this version. There's not a single vocal performace of Virginia that I really like from 07, but this one gets really close to it. The band is perfect and the last part is so powerful and captivating)
    Code Red - San Diego (there are other good versions of it, but this one is fierce. She stops to kick someone out and she plays it again from the start, and she's so pissed that she belts the whole thing out. Plus this is the best sounding boot, in terms of band and mixing)
    Improv-Twinkle - San Diego (heartbreaking)
    Your Cloud - San Diego (not nearly as good as the one on the dvd, but still good, kind of jazzy)
    Amazing Grace - West Palm Beach (brings me to tears everytime)
    Gold Dust - West Palm Beach
    Josephine - West Palm Beach
    Spring Haze - West palm beach (I prefer the other one, but here the mixing is better and there's an especially long bridge)

    Then there are some solo songs that are not amazing, but quite good:

    Seaside (soundcheck) - Boston
    Yes, Anastasia - Syracuse
    Take me with you - Toronto (I used to hate this one 'cause it's so slow, but now I like it that way)
    Sister janet - Pittsburgh
    Cooling - Chicago
    Crazy - Indianapolis
    Cloud on my tongue - Buffalo (it's veeery long, with a nice intro. It's so slow that it's sleep inducin and the piano is a bit limping, but it stands out)
    Peeping Tommi (it's not as bad as someone said. it could have been better, but I like it. I like the belted "surprise" part)
    Carbon - Detroit
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