Perfection (some of my favorite albums by anyone ever) :

1- Boys for Pele
2- From the Choirgirl Hotel
3- Under the Pink
4- Little Earthquakes

Close to perfection but still lesser than the first four albums in some ways:

5- Scarlet's Walk
6- Native Invader
7- To Venus and Back
8- Strange Little Girls

Solid records, with hints of brilliance throughout
9- Unrepentant Geraldines
10- Night of Hunters

11- The Beekeeper
12- American Doll Posse
13- Abnormally Attracted to Sin
14- Midwinter Graces

I don't hate any of these records. But her nadir is definitely 2005-2009, kind of makes me wish she hadn't released so many stuff in that period. But maybe she had to produce through those years to get to where she is now. I think she is consistently good since Unrepentant Geraldines. Native Invader is even better in some aspects. I hope anything she does after this point is of that quality.