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Thread: Album Rank 2017

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    Tier 1: From the Choirgirl Hotel, Boys for Pele, Under the Pink, Scarlet's Walk

    Tier 2: Little Earthquakes, To Venus and Back, Native Invader, Strange Little Girls

    Tier 3: Unrepentant Geraldines, Night of Hunters/Sin Palabras, The Beekeeper

    Atrocities: Midwinter Graces, Gold Dust, Abnormally Attracted to Sin

    ETA: Forgot American Doll Posse because it's a fucking mess and I never listen to it as an album. It lands somewhere between Tier 3 and atrocities, I suppose.
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    over it
    This too!

    Quote Originally Posted by theycallmejosef View Post
    American Doll Posse

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    I've never done this before because it's so hard, but I went down a rabbit hole after I saw @zephyrus say ADP was in his top three, and now I feel compelled. With NI having been out for only two weeks, I still don't connect to it the same way I do to the ones I've had for 15-20 years, but I think it is basically in its place. I did the tiers, and then I was like, "Wait, I think that really is my album ranking," so I just listed:

    TBK/ADP (I like and dislike them for the same and different reasons)
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    Tier one, Love the whole album:

    Boys for Pele
    Under the Pink
    Little Earthquakes

    Tier 2, Loves most with some skippable songs:

    Venus and Back
    Scarlet's Walk
    Native Invader
    Strange Little Girls
    Y Kant Tori Read

    Tier 3, Love a couple but skip most:

    Unrepentent Geraldines
    Night of Hunters

    Tier 4, Like some but love nothing:

    American Doll Possee
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin

    Tier 5, almost never listen to:

    Midwinter Graces
    Gold Dust
    I miss, I miss,/how you'd sigh yourself to sleep
    When I raked the springtime /across your sheets

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    Scarlet's Walk - Scarlet's Walk
    Boys for Pele - Hey Jupiter
    Little Earthquakes - Tear In Your Hand
    Strange Little Girls - New Age
    To Venus and Back - Spring Haze
    Under the Pink - Space Dog (my #1 song!)
    From the Choirgirl Hotel - Hotel
    The Beekeeper - The Beekeeper
    Native Invader - Breakaway
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Lady In Blue
    Unrepentant Geraldines - Selkie
    Night of Hunters - Carry
    Midwinter Graces - Snow Angel
    American Doll Posse - Roosterspur Bridge

    I was thinking about doing tiers but it would be useless for me because everything would be "good" tier except for American Doll Posse, which would be "bad" tier
    "i think lady gaga is immensely entertaining"

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    Best: LE, BFP, UTP, FTCH, SW, NI, TLP

    Good: UG, ADP (if it had been edited down a bit), NOH, MG, Venus.

    Alright: Beekeeper, AATS, SLG, GD

    At the moment I really think NI is an album I will still come back to in a year or two from now.

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    Let's do this bitches!

    I like the tier system especially with Tori albums since they always make me tier up.

    Tier 1 - Albums I think are amazing and have nothing to do with me being a fan of Tori. These are just well crafted pieces of music that deserve respect. There is no concerete order because right now I'm really into Under the Pink yet I haven't listened to it in years before this so...

    Tier 2 - Albums I think are really good but I don't listen to them as much as those ones up there.

    Tier 3 - Albums that are kind of mediocre and I feel like I largely only listen to them because I am a Tori Amos fan HOWEVER they do have genuine gems on them.

    Tier 4 - Bad albums that I have to go listen to songs like "Flying Dutchman" and "Caught a Lite Sneeze" after to cleanse my ears:

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    Oh dear! This will be interesting!

    1. Under The Pink
    2. To Venus & Back
    3. The Beekeeper
    4. Boys For Pele
    5. Scarlet's Walk
    6. Native Invader
    7. Strange Little Girls
    8. Little Earthquakes
    9. Unrepentant Geraldines
    10. From The Choirgirl Hotel
    11. American Doll Posse
    12. Y Kant Tori Read
    13. Night Of Hunters
    14. Midwinter Graces
    15. Abnormally Attracted To Sin

    I found Tori in 1995 with UTP when I was 15 and have been a die hard, fairy winging, bootleg collecting, forums trolling, "you come anywhere near me with a fucking sharpie and a numbering system - we gon have problems boo" 8am Meet and Greeter, etc fan since. All but YKTR, LE and UTP - I experienced on day of release (sometimes before) and I have a ton of memories attached to these records - so, I feel like that plays into it as well.

    The most controversial will obviously be TBK being so high up but, as I have said a few times, I have loved that record from the first time I heard it and it continues to kind of unravel with each listen. For me, is is Tori at some of her rawest and beautiful. When she said in the EPK that betrayal was where it stopped her - thats the key. When you look at the album through a lens of loss and betrayal - it takes upon a new dimension. Then she wrapped it in these candy pop, light rock productions and its rather genius - the rose and thorn indeed.

    This thread made me go back and listen to "Gold Dust" before ranking and I really feel like I can't rank it as in my head its almost like a greatest hits remixed type of things - it just doesn't fit in. Even if it was a tremendous lost opportunity - it is still beautiful. I feel like it's biggest area of opportunity is that it rarely improves upon the original. The tracks that really do benefit are later tracks like "Maybe California" (which unfortunately was relegated to a Japan only track), "Snow Cherries From France" and "Star Of Wonder".

    "Strange Little Girls" - I was 21 and had just met my now husband. We met a little over a month before 9/11 and SLG came out. We watched Letterman that night and I remember this album being something of a lighthouse in the chaos. The production is incredible. The choices are genius. "I'm Not In Love" is probably one of those moments where I just say to myself, "damn, Tori - when you get it - you REALLY get it".

    The big question will be why "Choirgirl" is so far down. Its really not that far down. I do love that record but, the records above it are just better albums for me. Different strokes....

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    Scarlet's Walk (Taxi Ride)
    To Venus And Back (Juarez)
    Strange Little Girls (Real Men)
    From The Choirgirl Hotel (Liquid Diamonds)
    Under The Pink (Space Dog)
    Boys For Pele (Not The Red Baron)
    Native Invader (Reindeer King)
    Little Earthquakes (Crucify)
    The Beekeeper (Goodbye Pisces)
    American Doll Posse (Beauty of Speed)
    Abnormally Attracted To Sin (500 Miles)
    Unrepentant Geraldines (Oysters)
    Night of Hunters (Fearlessness)
    Midwinter Graces (Winter's Carol)
    Gold Dust (Flavor)

    not ranked:

    Y Kant Tori Read (On the Boundary)

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    I can't believe many people can rank the albums - rather than do a tier system. But just for kicks - this is how I feel at the moment with favourite song (done quickly and will change next week I am sure)...

    From The Choirgirl Hotel (IIEEE)
    Little Earthquakes (Little Earthquakes)
    Boys For Pele (Hey Jupiter)
    Under the Pink (Past the Mission)

    Scarlet's Walk (Crazy)
    To Venus and Back (1000 Oceans)
    Native Invader (Reindeer King)
    Unrepentant Geraldines (Forest of Glass)
    Strange Little Girls (Real Men)
    Night of Hunters (Shattering Sea)

    Midwinter Graces (Holly, Ivy and Rose)

    American Doll Posse (Beauty of Speed)
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin (Give)
    The Beekeeper (Martha's Foolish Ginger)

    LOL. I still had to put spaces between them - so I guess I am tiering them again. I did not hate TBK, ADP and AATS that much on release - but ever since the gradual build of better albums from MWG to NOH to UG to NI - - - I realize how much I dislike those 3 unfortunately...
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    Faves with Fave Songs

    Scarlet's Walk (I Can't See New York or Carbon)
    Choirgirl (Spark)
    Boys For Pele (Muhammad my Friend )
    Under the Pink (Yes, Anastasia)

    Strange Little Girls (Real Men)
    Native Invader (Bang)
    Unrepentant Geraldines (Oysters)

    Night of Hunters (Shattering Sea)
    The Beekeeper (Martha's Foolish Ginger)
    American Doll Posse (Almost Rosey)
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin (Starling)

    Graces - honestly only ever listened to it in its entirety twice (but I adore Our New Year)

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    wow I really feel out of sync with most of everybody on this thread!!!


    I left off GD and the Light Princess. SLG is way way underrated. I really love Scarlet's Hidden Treasures- Probably more than Scarlet itself.

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    1. From The Choirgirl Hotel
    2. Boys For Pele
    3. Under The Pink
    4. Scarlet's Walk
    5. Little Earthquakes
    6. Night of Hunters
    7. Unrepentant Geraldines
    8. Strange Little Girls
    9. The Beekeeper
    10. To Venus and Back
    11. Midwinter Graces
    12. Native Invader
    13. Abnormally Attracted to Sin
    14. American Doll Posse

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    Hard to really pin it down, since the different albums appeal to me in different ways - musically, personally, etc. - but my ranking would be something roughly like:

    To Venus and Back
    From The Choirgirl Hotel
    Boys For Pele
    Unrepentant Geraldines
    Little Earthquakes
    Native Invader
    Under The Pink
    Scarlet's Walk
    Night of Hunters
    Strange Little Girls
    American Doll Posse
    The Beekeeper
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin
    Midwinter Graces

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