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Thread: Best Live Versions of Each Song by Album: Little Earthquakes

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    Best Live Versions of Each Song by Album: Little Earthquakes

    Hi guys. So I'm trying to gather a collection of best live versions and I've decided it'd probably be easier to do it per album. Since all of you are very clued up on your bootlegs I thought you'd be best to ask, so what are the best live versions of the following, in your opinion? (You can choose more than one live version per song and you don't have to pick a version of each song if you don't want to)

    1. Crucify
    2. Girl
    3. Silent All These Years
    4. Precious Things
    5. Winter
    6. Happy Phantom
    7. China
    8. Leather
    9. Mother
    10. Tear in Your Hand
    11. Me and a Gun
    12. Little Earthquakes


    Upside Down
    Flying Dutchman
    Humpty Dumpty
    The Pool
    Take to the Sky
    Sweet Dreams
    Angie (The Rolling Stones)
    Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
    Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
    Here. In My Head
    Ode to the Banana King (Part One)
    Song for Eric
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    I really like the Jon Evans bass heavy version of Crucify from 1999. Good Morning America was a good example. Also, the Welcome to Sunny Florida version is pretty awesome "crawled my way back."

    Girl from To Venus and Back Still Orbiting is probably my favorite Live version.

    I really liked Precious Things from the Sinful Attraction Tour. I think it was the London show that was bad ass. Of course the wash me clean daddy version from the RAINN is memorable as well.

    Sugar from Still Orbiting is my favorite version or the one from Hard Rock Live. The StrangeLittleTour versions were great too. New Orleans comes to mind.

    I heard Flying Dutchman in New Orleans in 2003 I believe and it was pretty great.

    I'm partial to the Take to the Sky version with the Datura bridge. Berlin is a great version.

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    +1 for the version of "Crucify" on WTSF. It's the best part of that entire performance.

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    Love this kind of threads! Let's do it with every album

    I agree to a lot of songs suggested by alpha and torimode.

    In order of preference:

    1. Crucify - Nashville 99; WTSF 03; Boston '01; Little Earthquakes EP (Deluxe)
    2. Girl - Orlando '14; Austin '03;
    3. Silent All These Years - London '99, Boston '01
    4. Precious Things - Chicago '98 (this is crazy, the tighter, faster angrier version with the band!); LE EP; Hard Rock '99; London '09
    5. Winter - Montreux '91; Radio3 Poland '01
    6. Happy Phantom - LE EP;
    7. China - Any version from '01; Soundstage '03; Montreux '91
    8. Leather - early versions, I can't think of any in particular
    9. Mother - San Antonio '03
    10. Tear in Your Hand - Camden '99
    11. Me and a Gun
    12. Little Earthquakes - LE EP; TVAB; Boulder


    Sugar - Hard rock live '99, Toronto radio show '93; Milan '11; Dallas '07
    Flying Dutchman - Oakland '01
    Take to the Sky - Any version from '01
    Sweet Dreams - Same as above
    Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) - KROQ Live '99
    Here. In My Head - Kissimmee '01; Brussels '12; Jools holland '92
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    Me and a Gun - Chicago '07. Just because it's different to all the other versions.
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    Thanks so much for all your replies guys! Keep them coming. Carey I'm glad you like the idea I was gonna do it for all of them but will leave some time in between each one so I don't annoy everyone but overflowing the live section.
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    'Winter' - Detroit 1994

    Can't remember the exact date, but it made me sob.
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    Winter - "brother Michael" version - 17-Apr-2005, Grand Prairie, TX. Her brother had died a few months prior, and she sang this song at the time as a tribute to him. 9 minutes long, with a beautiful improv in the middle...

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    Upside Down from RAINN '97 (runner up: 2003 versions)
    Take to the Sky from Polish Radio 2001 (runner up: 2014 sessions w/ Datura)
    Sweet Dreams from Austin 2003 (runner up: various Legs & Boots)
    Here in My Head from LE VHS tape
    Silent All These Years - Oxygen 2003, first time I heard her use the "new bridge"
    Tear in Your Hand - anything pre-2002, I can't stand the dirgy treatment this song got on later band tours.

    For the rest, I think we got some very good official recordings over the years:

    Crucify Live EP: the whole thing, especially Crucify - WOW
    Flying Dutchman from Past the Mission EP
    Little Earthquakes from Venus Live, literally one of my favorite live recordings of Tori ever
    Girl from Venus Live
    Sugar from Hey Jupiter EP, and Vegas '99 which unfortunately we only have shit quality recordings of. Venus Live and Philadelphia L&B are runners-up.

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