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Thread: Maggie Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domandapiano View Post
    Im about 50/50 on liking her songs, but I can't deny that she KILLED Falling Water on SNL. She sounded so good.
    I'm in the same boat; I like her, but I want to love her, and I'm waiting to love her because she has all the tools. That SNL performance was a definite dose of love.

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    I think the album will convert a lot of people. The songs she did live sounded incredible. If they hold up in studio form, it's going to be a huge album.

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    I hope so, because I agree that she’s got all the goods. Falling Water and Alaska both have that something special about them and I could see both becoming staples years down in her career (ala Dog Days and Shake It Out for Florence). Give a Little and On and Off I like ok, but don’t feel as strongly about. Light On sounds like an uninteresting Sara Bareilles song.

    All things considered, I have hope there will be some more Alaska’s and Falling Waters on the full length!

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