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Thread: Comic book recommendations

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    Oh look... another X-men revamp.

    I wish Marvel would stop resetting numbers on the books all the time, it is so confusing.

    Cornflower seeds with the first issue.... reminds me of the Beekeeper strategy.... hey, anything to sell the physical stuff, right?

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    I haven't bothered with a physical copy of an X-Men reboot in forever (the last several reboots may have been read via torrent) and they haven't deserved it because they ranged from boring to awful, but I really liked the first issue of House Of X and made sure to buy a copy! I bought but didn't read Powers Of X yet, but I've heard good things (plus I splurged for the Stephanie Hans cover).

    It does feel like the most genuine effort they've put in to the X-Men since Grant Morrison or at least Whedon, and they thankfully seem to be ignoring the worst parts of the last couple of years (e.g. the last X-Men writer killed off like a dozen major characters for no reason). Plus they're bringing back the Milligan/Allred X-Force in a new series early next year! I really hope that (especially now that Marvel has the movie rights) they do right by this relaunch. Hickman loves a good long-term plan and he's overseeing the whole line so my fingers are crossed.

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