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Thread: Setlist and Reviews for Amsterdam, The Netherlands 13/09/2017

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    A few days late but ... I think of all the shows I've been to this Amsterdam show might take the top spot. The first two songs were a bit flat voice wise, but even in Flying Dutchman she was just playing the shit out of the piano. The rest of it was absolutely fantastic – although maybe some of that is due to the song choices. Many on the set are among my favourites, and I've never heard Bliss live.

    Even the covers were brilliant; the performance of Suzanne was absolutely heartbreaking, and that whole sequence from Suzanne through to Bliss was exceptional. I am running out of adjectives...! With the repetition of "maybe together we'll make mother well" in Horses, followed by Upside Down 2 (which I liked a lot more live) to Mother... the emotional intensity was insane.

    This show (for me) had that magic where it comes much more than just the sum of the individual parts. It's what I was so disappointed was missing in the 2 Ireland shows I saw last week. Compared to Cork and Dublin though, I feel like I've just stepped into another tour altogether.

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    I can't deal with that Mother. The sounds she makes after "oh my god" and the final "the car is here". The car being the hearse likely. Beautifully done.
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