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Thread: Native Invader: your reviews and impressions

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    *puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA

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    Quote Originally Posted by eresos View Post
    Another friend of mine who is a longtime fan said it was the first album they didn't connect with
    This has been my problem since UG came out.

    I can only listen to the first 3 tracks on it and then it just takes a nose dive.

    After that, I can only listen to Oysters.

    To this day, those are the only songs I play.

    I just don't get where she's coming from lately, and the only song on NI that I liked was Reindeer King. I like it, although it's a little too long, but—after that—all of the songs just sound the same to me.

    I did listen to Upside Down 2 and Russia (on YouTube) and like those A LOT more than anything else on the album, mainly because it was her and the piano.

    That is the kind of record I really want. I don't care about all the instruments, I just want an album like those two songs.

    Also, I just can't stand the way she sings anymore. I've said it multiple times and here and tried to describe it. The way she phrases things or shortens/elongates syllables or sounds just irritates the shit out of me. I noticed a change starting with TBK and it's only gotten worse.

    I listened to the album without the lyric booklet. I had a hard time making a lot of the lyrics out due to her vocal delivery.

    Yeah, ok: I could open the physical CD and pull it out and maybe that would've helped, but I really don't think so. I just don't like the way she sings lately.

    I might as well say this, too: I really hate how some people act like we should just gobble her shit up and love it, but if we don't, good luck having your opinion acknowledged or getting a word in edgewise.

    I still love her, but her output has been really disappointing for me lately.

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    Well, I took Chocolate Song off the album - sorry purists - but to me it just ruined the flow. It's no different than the old days before mp3's when we would just push fast forward on our CD player. Wings has grown on me as has Benjamin. I bought the deluxe version so I have 14 songs which is plenty long enough. I didn't mess with the sequence at all (I actually NEVER do that with other albums either - I just remove songs I don't like.) Right now my two favorites are Climb and Bang but there are so many other good ones.

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    As I said before, I took Benjamin, Wings and Chocolate Song off the record, reworked the tracklist a bit, and everything just sounds cohesive, tight and perfect. BUT the surprise is: apart from Benjamin, which is just not my cup of tea, I've actually grown to love the other two. I just needed to listen to them in a separate context. I think they make NI too heavy, especially because of the abuse of falsetto/high notes. I think I'll arrange a playlist where I can appreciate those two more, I tried the combos Lust->Wings and Chocolate Song->Angels, and they sound quite good.

    I still think Wings sounds demo-ish, it could have been produced better. As for the high notes, someone said they're out of tune, but to me it really doesn't seem so, and you know how critical I am about vocals. They sure are quite strained, especially on the chorus, but they also sound heavily auto-tuned (I don't think she can still phisically reach those notes), so they can't possibly be flat. But maybe my ears are fooling me.
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    It's so fascinating seeing what fans here like and don't like. For example, I absolutely love Wings and Benjamin is one of my top favorites off the album. Yet, most people here seem to love Climb, and I skip it. It reminds me of something off of Midwinter Graces.

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