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Thread: 2017 Piano Bar Wishlist Thread

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    2017 Piano Bar Wishlist Thread

    I thought it would be interesting to discuss which covers everyone would be interested to hear.

    I'll start with the ones I'll be requesting when the occasion arises:

    "The Song of Solomon" – Kate Bush
    I truly believe that she could pull this off marvellously, especially when taking cues from the Director's Cut version. I have always felt that this is a song that would suit her current vocal range. And given that's she apparently warming up to the idea of doing more than just "Running up That Hill," I'd say it's not unlikely she might give it a try.

    "Earth Is the Loneliest Planet of All" – Morrissey
    I know, I know... but I can't help but continue to love his music, even his recent albums. This one is from World Peace Is None of Your Business and the first time I heard this rather latin flavoured song, I immediately wondered how one would rearrange a rhythmic, guitar centred composition for piano. I think Tori could actually do something fantastic; that is if she's keen on the song and the idea of doing a Morrissey cover in the first place. After the rather infamous comments made on the 2005 tour in Manchester, she more or less recently mentioned the Morrissey incident again (in an interview with Noah) and seemed not that opposed to doing a Smiths (or Morrissey) cover.

    "Reason to Believe" – Tim Hardin & "These Days" – Jackson Browne
    Both of these songs I've heard in many incarnations over the years. It took a long time until I even discovered the original songs and I very much consider them stand-out common place songs in that they are so universally accessible that any artist can find their way in. Admittedly, the first time I heard "These Days" was on 1970s album by Cher. This Jimmy Webb produced version is certainly draped in velvet with Hollywood schmaltz, but I imagine this version suiting Tori very well as a working basis to arrange her own version. Funny enough, Broken Twin were opening for Tori two years ago in Denmark and played their rendition of "Reason to Believe" which reinforced my wish to hear Tori's take on it. What strikes me, though, about both songs is the fact that their universalness defeats the notion of authorship and original genius. For some reason I believe that these two could work as some sort of pastiche... and I have envisioned Tori doing them for years. I honestly feel like this might be a good time for her to introduce them into her repertoire.

    "Nature Boy" – Nat King Cole
    This, too, is another song that has shape-shifted through so many different voices, genres and instrumentations. No additional words needed. I can hear her pulling this off effortlessly.

    "Wicked Game" – Chris Isaac
    The "Blue Jeans" mash-up she did in New York worked so well – particularly the "Wicked Game" segment. I still am so moved by her performance that I wish she would revisit it and focus on this song only. Generally speaking, I'm surprised she had never done it before 2014 as it would have blended in rather neatly with the cover songs she performed in 1996.

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    Slayer - Raining Blood

    'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry

    Radiohead - Pyramid Song
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    "Follow the Cops Back Home" - Placebo
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    Mostly I want her to play far less covers on this tour, and I really only want her to play covers that are really interesting, unique, or beautiful.... not silly stuff she's just improvising because she can. Stuff that really works.

    Early in her career she played "Bad Company" (Bad Company) with some frequency. I'd be interested to hear that.

    She can play "I'm On Fire" (Bruce Springsteen) at every show and I will always look forward to it.

    "Ring My Bell" (Anita Ward) is really fun, and she does it well.

    Bring back "Losing My Religion" (REM) - so underrated!

    "Operator" (Jim Croce) - absolute stunner.

    "Wild World" (Cat Stevens) - another stunner.

    New stuff I have never heard before? Only one comes to mind really: "Self Control (Laura Branigan) - I feel like it would really suit her and she could do super interesting things with it.

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    Duran Duran "Come Undone"
    Billy Joel "And So It Goes"
    Kesha "Praying"

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    Poe - Haunted

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapefruit_is_winning View Post
    "Ring My Bell" (Anita Ward) is really fun, and she does it well.

    Bring back "Losing My Religion" (REM) - so underrated! .
    These are actually VERY good ideas! In the topic of "old covers", I used to dream about bringing back Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love - I even requested it once, but I might have failed to convince Tori (or she simply couldn't work it out). On the other hand I know she'll never sing it as well as in 1992/94, so I'd probably won't try another time.

    I've been thinking of M&G of my show for months and I guess I know what to say right now. It does include a new cover request: Heaven is a place on earth by Belinda Carlisle. As much as it might sound cheesy, I've spent a lot of time with this song lately and I believe it could sound exquisitely live with just Tori and the piano. Or even with some loop :P
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    She's leaving home - The Beatles
    I love love love what she did wit Milos

    Lovesong - The Cure
    Just love how she does it

    Oranges and see it crying - YANTA and Adam
    Because yes

    Dance with the Rain - New Trolls
    I think she would actually like this

    If we hold on together - Diana Ross
    Because I'd have an heartache
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    I have a secret wish that she'd play Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie by Joanna Newsom. I don't know why!

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    You know, some of the mash-ups were corny, but there are a few amazing covers from the 2014 tour -- Please Come to Boston (with the line from Boston's More Than a Feeling thrown in at the end), Gold Dust Woman, Jolene, Frozen, Creep, Silver Springs, Boys of Summer, Wicked Little Town, etc. When she plays a pretty straight-forward version of something it's great. For instance, the first part of Carpenters' Superstar is amazing, then she combines it with RuPaul and Beyonce with the synths and it wrecks the first part for me.

    A Joanna cover would be amazing. I'd love to hear a piano reworking of Sadie.

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    She said at the Pitchfork event that there's a Queen song she's been trying to figure out for a while, but it might come out this tour. She wouldn't say which, though.

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    Damien Rice-Unplayed Piano

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie
    her whole first album is full of songs Tori could / should cover. Right now I'm obsessed with Inflammatory Writ, so I vote for that one.
    Not Read to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks
    The Glorious Land - PJ Harvey
    Four Women - Nina Simone
    Writer in the Dark - Lorde
    The Glamorous Life (from A Little Night Music) - Stephen Sondheim

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    Not Ready to Make Nice would be incredible!

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