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Thread: Childfree FAQ and Forum Guidelines.

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    Childfree FAQ and Forum Guidelines.

    Welcome to the Childfree and Fabulous forum!

    Please take a few minutes to read the FAQ before posting.

    Childfree Forum FAQ taken from Helen's original thread on atforumz and reused here with her permission:

    What does 'childfree' mean?

    Childfree means you do not have children, either biological or adopted, AND do not wish to have any in the future for a variety of reasons. If you do not have children now and wish to have them in the future, you are not childfree, you are childless.

    Who are the childfree?

    Any individual who does not have, and wishes never to have children.

    Being childfree does not indicate a particular position on the political spectrum, or a specific social class, ethnicity, age, standard of education, sexuality, religion, gender or even a specific attitude to children in general, and we ask all posters here to respect each other's differences.

    What, I thought all childfree people hated kids like whoa?

    This is a common assumption, based mostly on people reading a few rants on the subject of badly-behaved children on various internet rant communities and immediately leaping to the conclusion that all childfree people walk about in a permanent and barely repressed state of rage, spitting on prams and creeping around spiking the punch at kids' parties with weedkiller and valium.

    Well, maybe the odd one does, But look around you. Read the newspapers. Childfree people are not generally considered a force for social ill by law enforcement or social services agencies. We are not child abusers or a danger to children simply because we do not wish to be parents or give birth or listen to the howls of some child in a pricey restaurant or an age-innappropriate movie. Some of us like most kids ok, we just don't want any of our own. Some of us work with children, we just do not want any of our own. Some of us are very uncomfortable around children in general or children of a certain age group. Some childfree people dislike children strongly, and as a result tend to avoid contact with them.

    No single individual or stance represents ALL childfree people, and I ask you to respect and keep that in mind when posting here.

    So who can post in Childfree and Fabulous?

    This space is primarily designed for childfree people to talk about issues that affect them and to have a safe place to space to rant and rave and blow off steam about said issues without causing all-out flame wars or having to explain themselves constantly to parents or other posters.

    If you have children, or are undecided, you are quite welcome to read and contribute here if you so wish. However, you are specifically asked NOT to 'bingo' or lecture the posters here on how their decisions or lifestyle are wrong, or how they will change their minds or get your knickers in a twist because some people here don't like kids for whatever reason.
    Believe me, we've heard it ALL before, and we're sick of it, hence the need for dedicated childfree spaces where we can discuss without being berated or having to explain ourselves constantly. If you need to tell us how awful or bitter we are, don't bother. Any obvious trolling will result in a forum-specific ban. Any posting of threads including kiddie pics will be moved to the parents' pad.

    Bingo? What?

    'Bingo' is term used in CF internet communities as shorthand for 'cliched, stupid or offensive responses to one's stated desire not to have children or for one's dislike of children' - responses so predictable that one could reasonably mark them off on a bingo card in short order when in conversation or argument. Popular and much despised 'bingos' include "You only don't want kids because you're selfish!", "If you don't have children you're not a real adult/woman," "Children are the future!", "If you don't have kids you don't know what love is!" "You were a child once!" "Who will look after you when you're old?" and so on.

    Bingoing will result in IMMEDIATE despatch to the special level of hell, the one reserved for child molestors, people who talk at the theatre and those who post horsetwat on OIT. You have been warned.

    So what can we talk about here?

    Anything and everything related to being childfree - rants, raves, political stuff, personal issues, family pressures, reproductive rights news and views, questions regarding health issues and contraception/sterilization/abortion etc - anything regarding your decison not to have children. You're also encouraged to post articles relating to childfree topics for discussion.
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