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Thread: Cooling / Beulah Land / Never Seen Blue: Which Era?

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    Cooling / Beulah Land / Never Seen Blue: Which Era?

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    Senior Member dimshala's Avatar
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    I'm split. I think that Beulah Land belongs in Pele's world, while Never Seen Blue is Choirgirl. Cooling could go either way, but I lean FTCH.

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    Militia of the Mind toriMODE's Avatar
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    They will always be Choirgirl songs to me.

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    Robbing the muse... Beelust's Avatar
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    Choirgirl for me. Partly because the sound quality / production leans more towards FTCH rather than Pele to my ears. But I understand why many feel Beulah Land is more Pele.

    I try not to box her b-sides into albums though. Never Seen Blue and Cooling are like Honey and Sugar to me - they don't really fit with an album if that makes sense.
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    This User Is Really Gay jasonhicks's Avatar
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    Pele. Although out of the three I only listen to Cooling. They were recorded during Pele and you can definitely tell, although they seem produced to fit with the Choirgirl aesthetic (the gospel choir in Beulah Land will always betray that effort). I listen to them when I listen to Pele because spiritually, that's where they belong.

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    Beulah land with Pele because of the same reason everyone else mentioned; the gospel choir. Never seen blue and cooling, though, don't really associate with either, and never seen blue almost feels more little earthquakes than either of those records. Before I knew when it was released/recorded I assumed it was something from LE/UtP.

    I'd say Tori's camp counts it as Choirgirl, though, since none of them made the deluxe Pele (and it would be an unforgivable crime if they were omitted from the deluxe editions altogether).

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    Senior Member grapefruit_is_winning's Avatar
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    I LOVE those songs as b-sides for Choirgirl. They don't fit sonically, yet somehow they work so well alongside the Choirgirl material. Wouldn't change a thing.

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    personally, all 3 are clearly pele, and always have been. choirgirl b-sides are 'do it again', 'bachelorette', 'purple people' and 'have yourself a merry little xmas'; - sonically they are obviously a different era to these 3.

    for me, 'beulah land', 'cooling' and 'never seen blue' now form a quartet with 'motormaids' and are spiritually and musically completely a part of the pele era.

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    ...Under The Ivy Littlegreen's Avatar
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    Mainly because they obviously evolved before being put to record, so their original forms were created during the Pele era but they didn't finalise until Choirgirl.
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    Molecular Machine John's Face's Avatar
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    I've actually never listened to these songs with Pele. I should try that.
    But I voted Choirgirl.

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