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Thread: 2018 RuPaul's Drag Race

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    ^ i’ve seen people mention Todrick Hall actually which wouldn’t surprise me, but I actually don’t think Ru would give up the show. I see him being like Joan Rivers and always working til the end.

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    Well, no one could replace Ru if we're being really real.
    Just 'lot of people really mad at him right now. But it's not like he hasn't been going off on queens since the first season. Bigger audience and many platforms to comment on it, tho.

    I mean, when I was growing up to right now.. icons were icons. This new generation of adults don't even think Madonna was a big thing or if she even existed.. lol after her VMA controversy.
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    Willam has shared and reshared so much this past three months, among it was stuff I never heard before.
    This sums it up;

    - He claims that the he slept with the producer (Steven) that also tried to get in bed with Pearl
    - "There’s that time they booked me for All Stars 1 and canceled me 40 hours before filming but AFTER i canceled 3 weeks worth of work in June during pride season. Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it?"
    - The queens are told not to make eye contact with Ru or engage in conversation, but that is something that the entire staff is told too.
    Season 3 / 4 info;
    - Willlam and two others left the sequestered area and went to the store to buy stuff at night, because production never got them the stuff they gave them cash for. Manila posted a video in the past that also shows him, Raja and Carmen going to a store at night
    - Willam called production out on manipulating Jiggly on the anniversary of her mother's death. One of the producers said that Willam could leave if he didn't like it, and so he did. But then they talked him into staying.
    - Heather, someone from production everyone hates, pulled out shards of glass from Shangela's back after the Christmas episode lipsync with tweezers to avoid having to go to the hospital and doing paperwork. (S3).
    - S4 Episode 3 has them run at a table with glass and other breakable stuff on it for making hats, Willam asked for them to lock it down, but they said no. Kenya cuts her leg and bleeds as a result.
    - After episode 3 at 10pm, production had $75 dollars to feed all 12 queens, that is about $6 each. Heather called Latrice "La-Something" over a talkie. Chad, Latrice and Willam refused to leave with the van, and yelled at production for not knowing their names, not getting things from their lists with their cash, and not allowing them to smoke whenever.
    - Episode 4; Willam had his hairdresser come over. Outside contact was forbidden, but he simply used the payphone in the lobby.
    - Episode 6; Willam attempted to steal Iron fist shoes and an ostrich feather fan. He also stole a pillow from the interior illusions lounge to use in his boat - he returned that though.
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