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Thread: 2018 RuPaul's Drag Race

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    I wouldn't trust any snarky comment Willam makes. It could be true but it could total sarcasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volta View Post
    The hardest thing to find out is who Willam has been married to all this time. Privacy is a beautiful thing and in this private act I wouldn't think he's married to a celebrity. I just wonder if he's with the same guy that got him kicked off for visiting him in the hotel back in the day?
    AFAIK his partner's name is Bruce. An older guy. If you Google Image willam bruce you get a few images of them together.

    I really enjoy the podcast. One aspect I like a lot is that there's a good balance of really complimenting the girls (and RuPaul) on their looks, but then also making playful snarky comments. But not bitchy. These first few episodes were recorded a long time ago, BTW, because in the most recent one Alaska shows Willam a pic of the 'new' workroom (the one that was used for S10). So they must have been recording these for a while. Which makes sense, because they're two busy queens who are constantly on the road and they still want to do a weekly podcast.

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