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Thread: SOTW: Reindeer King

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    so magical, sounds even better in winter
    Не може со обични зборови да ја домами необичноста, зашто и необичните си имаат секој свој пат и тешко се среќаваат.

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    What I love so much about this song is how visual, sort of cinematic, it is to me. I see cystalline mountains against a pale purple sky, frozen lakes and rivers, a fine mist of powdry snow sweeping over the landscape... Like a dream sequence. Definitely one of Tori's most sophisticated and most beautiful compositions so far.

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    The layers of sound in this song still blow my mind.

    One of my favourite parts still to the present is the little music box sound, like a demented merry go round song at 6:15-16... anyone else hear that? That whole building sequence at the end of the song is incredible. So much going on and it all works together so beautifully.
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    Yep, it sounds like a music box or something. That song is even more powerful now.

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    I think one of the reasons I love this song so much is because of the bass the piano produces on the low notes. It's stunning. Truly the best song she'd written in 15 years up to that point.
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