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Thread: Running With Tori

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    Oysters is another great one! "Can these shoes take me to who I was before?" always gets to me.

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    Zero Point, maybe?

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    The central part of Star Whisperer is dope! And also Precious Things live 2009, with the long instrumental break. Talula from San Antonio 2003 is stellar for running, also.
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    Well, I don't run so I don't have music to run, but if I did, I don't know if Tori would be on my playlist.

    I love to take long walks with Tori tho. Last year I was at the beach and made a playlist with some Tori songs and when Selkie came, it hit me like a wave (pun intended).

    So I guess that, for me, Tori is for walks, not runs.

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    I use a lot of The Beekeeper to run with. I like to use these songs, inclines and speeds (kmph) to run on the treadmill:

    Parasol 5/5.5
    The Power of Orange Knickers 2/8.5
    Jamaica Inn 2/9.5
    Way Down (use this for stretching and walking it out)
    Barons of Suburbia 2/12.5
    Mother Revolution 15/5

    Then a couple of non-Tori songs to finish up:
    Glory (Bastille) 6/6.5
    Walkabout (Nik Kershaw) 6/5

    This takes about 32 minutes, I also have another one which is about an hour, it includes Precious Things and Mr. Zebra.

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    I tend to like her slower, more depressing songs for running, and lots of live stuff. Her cover of Running to Stand Still is great for running, though so is the U2 original. I like Forest of Glass because of the "lift up your head, lift up your heart" part, it just seems to work with my runs. I run marathons so I don't need stuff to keep me on pace, I just like songs I can get lost in.

    I thought Battle of Trees would be good for trail running, but it's too quiet in my headphones. Anything long that builds is good, like Happiness is a Warm Gun.

    Smokey Joe has a great rhythm, and so does her live cover of Heart-Shaped Box. There are a lot of live versions of Liquid Diamonds with improvs that flow really well for running. I'll try running to Reindeer King this week.
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    Thank you all for taking the time and energy to provide excellent suggestions for song choices, some of which never occurred to me. As some of you pointed out, there exist slower songs that serve a good distraction purpose, and that is just as important as pace-setting.

    And, too, I think it is perfectly acceptable to sing along as one runs. The cattle along my running route can attest. They especially appreciate it when you change the lyric of, say, That Guy to, say, Black Cow.

    In the end, the two most important songs on my running playlist are Tori's Spark and Bjork's Bachelorette. I hope all of you can find something to inspire you to good physical activity. Thank you all.
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    I've just ran to the remastered Y Kant Tori Read, and the uptempo beats were actualy really good. I never really paid much attention to YKTR before so it probably helped they were all fresh sounding to me. Pirates and Fire on your side will definitely be going on my playlist for next time though. I do love a bit of Pat Beneter when running so the 80's factor deffo helped.

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    Am I the only one that mentioned remixes tho? These are my favorite

    Don't Make Me Come To Vegas (Tomi Maas all 3 mixes)
    Horses (Gavo's houseback)
    Father Lucifer (Sylkscreen)
    Ambient Swirl & Spark
    Precious Things (Rabbit in the Moon track titled O.B.E)

    These are ok:

    Jackie's Strength (Wedding Cake MELTDOWN)
    Raspberry Swirl (Sticky instrumental)
    God - all remixes were at least interesting
    Blue Skies - Delphinium Days

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    I'm a runner.
    I enjoy running with Hotel, Cruel, Smokey Joe, Give, Curtain Call, and for some weird reasons, a lot of 2014 covers, such as extreme ways, jolene, careless whisper, the nobodies, frozen, this last one gives me shivers and energy.
    And a special mention to Precious Things. "So I ran faster"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Octopussy View Post
    Am I the only one that mentioned remixes tho? These are my favorite

    Don't Make Me Come To Vegas (Timo Maas all 3 mixes)
    Fixed that for ya

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    It was autocorrect!! Tomi is the name of a bff

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    I hereby resurrect this thread for an important announcement: Bang has made its way into my 10K playlist. It is as good of a running song as is Spark.

    It is January 1st, and I hope that Tori can inspire everyone to climb back on our treadmills. Yes, "'Climb up on the treadmill,' he said"......

    Happy New Year and happy exercising.
    I will remember these days for you.....

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