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Thread: SOTW: Benjamin

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    Quote Originally Posted by theycallmejosef View Post
    While listening to this song, I simply cannot get rid of the association I have of Tori corresponding with her computer bat friend, 1993 Dana Scully style.



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    I didn't like this song at first, but it's grown on me and really fits well on the album.

    Also, I was searching for the Juliana reference and found this.

    I think there is a lot of distraction right now, while things are happening. It shocks me that people are talking about... the erosion that's happening at the Environmental Protection Agency: protecting whom? Protecting what -- the American oligarchs? That's the shocker for me -- what's going on in the courts, Juliana vs United States [a case which inspired the track "Benjamin"], the Water Protectors for Lakota nation -- those things that we only hear snippets about now. The distractions are there. And, look, I know that people in New York are consumed with yet another tweet and, if you're a political journalist, that's fine. You have to be on the front line, you've got to know what's going on, that's your gig. But if your gig is something else and you're not doing that gig because you're being diverted, then you've taken yourself away -- you're not seeing things, you're just a consumer. [The 405 - September 5, 2017]

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    I love this. Her voice is amazing on it, it's fun and insanely catchy, and the production on her voice and the guitar is perfect for it.

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    Yeah, this song is definitely in my top 4 on the album. It's so fun! The lyrics are also great, with the exception of the weird "fossil fuel industry" line that feels like a puzzle piece someone tried to shove into the wrong spot. It also just SOUNDS great. The piano/guitar/drums feel so full of life and energy. The drum breakdown after she sings "my computer bat hunts for facts" is so awesome.

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    I just can't get with the first part of the song. The opening line. Eh. I love the other parts of it, but I can't stand the chorus.

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