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Thread: From The Choirgirl Hotel Remaster/Re-issue (2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    This is going to be an unpopular opinion but I do not care for the Sessions @ W 54th performance. I can think of lots of shows with better versions of those songs.
    Oh yeah!! Such as!! j/k I do remember hearing pretty similar versions of iiieee from around the same time (autumn of '98?) and that was the best song from the set. I never cared for this version of CALS tbh, the guitar is too much. Everything else was good but not exceptionally so.... also the mixing is terrible even on the HQ audio I've found.

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    That Sessions performance is peak Tori for me; excellent communication with the band, amazing vocals, passionate piano and that iieee is heartbreaking. Even the song selection is A+. I watched that tape 1000 times.

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    I love her presence in that performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen View Post
    ^ YES! With Horses, Talula, Siren, Graveyard/Tear In Your Hand, Father Lucifer, i i e e e, Caught a Lite Sneeze. Hell, a proper release of Sessions @W54th even!
    Yes! I love all those arrangements. I remember getting Graveyard/Tear In Your Hand at a couple of my shows, and that moment when the beat drops to Tear In Your Hand is perfection.

    I think she did a great job translating every track live. I'd love a good soundboard version of live Pandora and Liquid Diamonds.

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    There's at least one soundboard radio broadcast of Liquid Diamonds and Horses from 1998. But they're old broadcasts so the quality is ehhh.

    There are NO soundboard, nor official bootleg versions of Pandora or Talula (I'm not counting the boring tornado mix version, and not Baloise either!!!)... kind of strange for two songs that have been played quite a bit over the years, that we don't have an official or at least "Sessions" type version.

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    In another universe, there is a world where she actually released recordings of her good tours instead of... well.

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