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Thread: From The Choirgirl Hotel Remaster/Re-issue (2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dollsbitches View Post
    I would be down for a Scarlet 'remixed' so it doesn't sound like the whole album was recorded through a pillow...
    I agree. I wish the album was more dynamic and had some edge to it. Looking at you Pancake.

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    ^ yes ... I remember my first listen to "of his spoken word that has lodged in my vortex"... and wondering what had happened to Tori.

    She was Scarletized!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

    Then The Beekeeper happened and Scarlet was pretty bad ass in comparison. Then Fori.
    Robbing the muse...

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    Scarlet is still one of her best, even if the production is not to everyone's taste.

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