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If she releases a book, it will probably be a book of conversations with Tash. Mother and daughter sharing experiences.
We have to accept that from now on Tash will be involved in everything she does.
I see the potential value of such a book. Conversations between the generations are important. Knowing how much Tori's taught me just through interviews, I'm interested to know what she teaches her daughter and what her daughter teaches her, too. I don't resent Tash's (or Mark's for that matter) existence and involvement in Tori's work.

Yes, like a lot of fans, I deleted Promise (and Giant's Rolling Pin) from my UG playlist, (and I don't always dig the guitars, either, but usually I like them fine, especially on NI) but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate how much it means to Tori to have a daughter, especially after everything she went through to keep the pregnancy and all the ones she lost before that. Tash is a blessing and a bit of a miracle. I'd hold her close and lift her up, too. And Goodness, can the girl sing.

I'm excited for her to step into her own power and do her own things, but I won't be mad if she continues to have a place on the albums and if she ever performs with her mum, I'll find a way to be there. She's becoming her own woman now. It's amazing how quickly 18 years passes.