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Thread: From The Choirgirl Hotel Remaster/Re-issue [Cancelled]

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinkle_franchou View Post
    If she releases a book, it will probably be a book of conversations with Tash. Mother and daughter sharing experiences.
    We have to accept that from now on Tash will be involved in everything she does.
    I see the potential value of such a book. Conversations between the generations are important. Knowing how much Tori's taught me just through interviews, I'm interested to know what she teaches her daughter and what her daughter teaches her, too. I don't resent Tash's (or Mark's for that matter) existence and involvement in Tori's work.

    Yes, like a lot of fans, I deleted Promise (and Giant's Rolling Pin) from my UG playlist, (and I don't always dig the guitars, either, but usually I like them fine, especially on NI) but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate how much it means to Tori to have a daughter, especially after everything she went through to keep the pregnancy and all the ones she lost before that. Tash is a blessing and a bit of a miracle. I'd hold her close and lift her up, too. And Goodness, can the girl sing.

    I'm excited for her to step into her own power and do her own things, but I won't be mad if she continues to have a place on the albums and if she ever performs with her mum, I'll find a way to be there. She's becoming her own woman now. It's amazing how quickly 18 years passes.

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    I wonder, now that there are so many more songs, if she's considered doing a second edition of comic book tattoo
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    I would definitely be ok with a book explaining where her head has been since the Beekeeper. I would definitely read that, as long as it was totally real.
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    Ugh I definitely passed up a few copies of this on vinyl cause I was going to wait for this one. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John's Face View Post
    I would definitely be ok with a book explaining where her head has been since the Beekeeper. I would definitely read that, as long as it was totally real.
    I strongly second this. A no-holds-barred look into the Fori years would be fascinating and most likely have relevance beyond her fanbase. Even people who know Tori Amos and owned an album or two of hers in the 90's see pictures from the Fori years and ask themselves "what the FUCK does this industry do to women?"

    In case anyone hasn't heard it, the podcast "I Don't Even Own a Television" did an episode on Piece by Piece and it's hilarious:

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    This possible book tease is definitely intriguing.

    With regard to Tori opening up on the Fori years - I just don't see that happening. Maybe a page or two but not much more. Tori seemed to find it difficult to share herself in her music during the Fori years, so I doubt she would all of a sudden share all that. Plus it might make her appear weak at a time in her career where she likely wants to appear accomplished. In 2014 interviews Tori said she is unrepentant about who she is and the music she has made - I took that as Tori saying she has come to terms with the fact that she lost some popularity in the 2000s and even lost her own way with music, but that she felt inspired again and was embracing even the down times as part of her own story. I think if a Fori explanation book were to come out, it would have in 2011 or 2014 and coincided with NOH or UG - and that Tori has moved on... LOL

    Tori is usually a savvy business person (even TBK had PbP and Original bootlegs, ADP had 5 dolls live in concert [genius] and Legs & Boots, I guess she missed the mark with the AATS visualettes). I think the book would need to appeal to a larger audience than just her fans to make some money. Though in 2005, Piece by Piece got # 12 on the New York Times hardcover best sellers list. So I guess this could be a part 2, maybe even with Ann Powers again as Ann still loves Tori and given the success of PbP.
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    I think she's been pretty open, in her way, about her mid-career slump. She has discussed her vocal issues due to steroids with fans, she mentioned running out of inspiration circa the AATS era, struggling with writing a book and recording an album at the same time in the Beekeeper era, conflicts with Sony during ADP, a health scare including emergency surgery in 2008, and her overall struggle to remain relevant in the vapid celebrity-obsessed 00s (including borderline disordered eating). I mean, she was hot shit in the 90s and suddenly all the world cares about is Paris Hilton. While her peers readily accepted the disconnect with the mainstream and did their thing, whatever the consequences, she awkwardly tried to brave the new world and somehow fit in. There are two things she failed to recognize at that point: first, that the 90s were a unique and ephemeral moment of star alignment, so to speak, when the counterculture had become the mainstream and people like her could enjoy mass popularity and acclaim while being themselves, and secondly, that by the mid 00s, the independent scene had gotten big enough, thanks to the internet, to support solid careers outside the trappings of the mainstream. She tried to straddle the two like she was playing two pianos at the same time, but in this case, her virtuosity didn't exactly translate. Later on, as we all know, she started doing more respectable, critically successful projects like Night of Hunters and The Light Princess, and by the time UG came out, her fans from the 90s were all grown up, and among them there were artists whom she had influenced substantially, critics, reviewers. They started to speak up and openly admit their fandom and her importance in their formation. At the same time, she now seems to be pretty comfortable with the fact that she is never going to be in the same position as she was in the 90s again, particularly after noticing that people really like the new material and are still coming to the shows.

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