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Thread: Top 10 Meryl Streep Performances

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    Top 10 Meryl Streep Performances

    Consider this a spinoff of sorts to this brilliant thread by @Volta. Shoot!

    1. Florence Foster Jenkins
    2. Sophie's Choice
    3. Postcards from the Edge
    4. The Devil Wears Prada
    5. Angels in America
    6. The Iron Lady
    7. Ironweed
    8. The Manchurian Candidate
    9. Death Becomes Her
    10. Adaptation

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    *hangs head in shame*

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    I'm just listing the ones that are most resonant with me.

    One True Thing
    River Wild
    Bridges of Madison County
    August Osage County
    Sophie's Choice
    The Hours
    Death Becomes Her

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