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Thread: Emotional connection: Album Rank

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    Emotional connection: Album Rank

    Rank the albums by your emotional connection at the time they were released. Don't rank by production or lyrics, but by how you connected with them at the time.


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    Well the first album I ever got new was Scarlet's Walk, so I'm ranking on connection from when I first heard them:

    1. Under The Pink (PGY was the first song I ever heard and the song that made me a fan)
    2. Choirgirl
    3. Scarlet's Walk
    4. Venus
    5. Little Earthquakes
    6. Native Invader (Reindeer King on it's own ranks higher)
    7. ADP (loved it when it came out and played it to death - it hasn't aged well)
    8. Unrepentant Geraldines
    9. Pele (took me the longest time to get into this one, hence the lower ranking)
    10. The Beekeeper (I adore it now, hated it at the time)
    11. AATS (still hit and miss with this one. I'm a lyrics boy and whilst the music is good on this one, the lyrics still don't grab me)
    12. SLG (me on first listening: THESE ARE NOT TORI AMOS SONGS)
    13. Midwinter Graces (I fucking hate Christmas)
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    ohhhhh, um. I don't remember a lot of initial reactions, but I can definitely rank based on my current emotional connection! (I do remember Gold Dust, Unrepentant and Native Invader first impressions emotionally though - Gold Dust and NI both hit very hard)

    Boys for Pele
    Strange Little Girls
    Native Invader
    Gold Dust
    Scarlet's Walk
    Under the Pink
    Little Earthquakes
    Unrepentant Geraldines
    The Beekeeper
    From the Choirgirl Hotel
    To Venus and Back
    Midwinter Graces

    American Doll Posse & Abnormally Attracted to Sin each have a very small number of songs that emotionally hit me now or at release, so I don't know how well I can rank those. Night of Hunters is a complete mystery to me on ranking because I have a hard time establishing which parts of me connect to the classical compositions (originals) and which to the Tori Amos songs and arrangements/variations. Likewise, I think all of her first five records were emotionally important and impacting in my first listens but beyond Pele, I don't really relate to much of them outside of the odd song or b-side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kala View Post
    I'm curious, what show did you see?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carey View Post
    I'm curious, what show did you see?

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