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    Icon15 Rename / Retitle

    Whether it's the albums or individual songs, which pieces of Tori's work would you consider changing the name of, and into what?

    Some early ideas:
    - Pretty Good Year: Boy
    - Cloud On My Tongue: Tattoo
    - Caught a Lite Sneeze: Pretty Hate Machine (too on the nose?)
    - Muhammad My Friend: In Bethlehem
    - Jackie's Strength: O Jackie (see what I did there)
    - Pandora's Aquarium: Persephone
    - Glory of the 80's: 1985
    - Suede: Interlunar
    - Scarlet's Walk: Travelogue
    - Amber Waves: Northern Lights
    - Crazy: Paper Tigers
    - Don't Make Me Come to Vegas: Jacaranda Tree
    - American Doll Posse: Velvet Revolution
    - Night of Hunters: Night of the Hunters
    - Wild Way: I Hate You (doubles as my personal review of the song)
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