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Thread: Has Native Invader invaded your top 5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I just got the Cornflake Girl CD with Case Of You the other day (after having the songs digitally for years) and . I love all 3 covers on that one. (And the cover is my favorite Tori pic ever, e.g. the one in my avatar).
    This made me reach for mine off the shelf. I forgot she wrote in it:

    When I think of Joni I always think of "A Case of You" wrapped up in a blanket in a room I asked the church to paint lilac. I would play this song till the candle wouldn't drip anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathan zephyrus View Post
    I love Tori's even more than the original! And I've been obsessed with Joni this past year. For me even though it's a cover it's got all I fell for - her breathing, the emotion that the space creates, and that piano. And then right at the end the high "of you darling... and still be on my feet" still gets me 23 years later.
    I do too. It's a rare case of a cover that actually surpasses the original. I remember she said at the time that she felt like she should have written "A Case of You" herself, and it's the kind of statement I'd normally scoff at, but then I heard her cover and I was like "Yeah. Yeah, you kind of did...".

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