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    So who did it? - The Keepers

    I wanted to start a new thread for this Netflix Original Docu-Series because I am sure many of you picked up on things that I didn't and I am sure I picked up on things you maybe didn't.

    Who murdered Sister Cathy?

    First, I love that this is a story of two women that are quote/unquote past their prime and retired doing this grassroots effort to solve a case.. and the amazing amount of evidence they have that the church and city/county officials don't even have. Abbie and Gemma are not exactly a demographic that gets a lot of entertainment or marketing money put their way. Their stories aren't really told in an exciting and fresh way.

    Facebook with all it's flaws is a wonderful platform in this instance.

    So I have four theories that are my own.. but I have a couple questions that I am bringing here (IMDB BRING BACK YOUR FORUMS).

    Sister Russel and Sister Kathy were said to have had a young lady at their apartment the night before Sister Cathy was murdered. Is it possible that young woman was Joyce Malecki? Or was it a girl from the school? They never really cleared that up with me.

    Also there is an instance where someone was talking about their uncle Bob being in on dropping a body off. Later on we find out that Brother Bob is a person that Jane Doe talked about a lot. But they never connect Uncle Bob to Brother Bob.. that also confused me.

    Obviously the church and the city/county were covering each other's asses. Come on now, all those boxes being buried then they dig them up and no one knows what happened to them?

    And then the tale of the two uncles... one still being alive who called in saying he knew who had Cathy's rosary. .. And then he was asked why he did that and he said, "I don't know." WTF?
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