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Thread: Setlist and Reviews for Portland, OR 22/11/2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceDoggy View Post
    How do you think these versions of herself differ from each other exactly ? Would be interesting to have your thoughts on that.
    In Europe (or at least for my show) she was very... unfiltered. There was this emotional intensity, this tension, and I don't want to sound dramatic, but I'd only heard that kind of tension on Dew Drop Inn bootlegs. It simply didn't matter what she was playing, the mood permeated every single song. Even her look, wigless and all, was in tune with that. The lack of banshee shrieks from the audience didn't hurt either.

    Once the US tour started, it all changed. It became all, I don't know, professional singer and pianist Tori Amos performing. More... business-like, somehow. Perfectly styled wig? Check. The odd phoned-in song? Check. Obvious hits sung powerfully, to make up for the phoned-in ones? Check. Setlist being important for the enjoyment of the show? Check. I'm not saying the US tour wasn't good; hell, some shows had significantly better vocals compared to the average Euro show. But it was a very different approach.

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    The earlier shows in the US tour seemed fiery to me. It appears that when she got sick it ground everything to a bit of a halt and she never really found that full on fire again. Everything just seemed to mellow.

    I think the wig happened because of a cosmetic procedure she might have had between the Euro and US tours. In YouTube videos and interviews I noticed her eye brows stopped moving once she hit the US.

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