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Thread: Setlist and Reviews for Irving, TX 16/11/2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    All these years of listening to her try to hit high notes and wondering why wouldn't just use her chest voice, and these shows just show the potential in keying her songs down into a range that's comfortable for her. She doesn't have to do it on every song but these last two shows have proven that some songs REALLY benefit from it.
    I've been wondering if maybe those unfortunate circumstances might get her thinking about altering the keys more in the future. There is no other way for her to perform right now, so hopefully those enforced changes initiate some sort of reapproach to her singing. As you rightfully said, there is no need to transpose every song from the catalogue. She does nail a lot of the high register repertoire without sounding off. In a lot of cases, unfortunately, the straining and whispering exceeds dramatic effect and exposes the vocal performance for what it truly is is: misplaced and overchallanged. While her voice still sounds pretty much under the weather right now, I can't help but notice how authentic, credible and – most importantly – beautiful she sounds when using her lower register. Properly rested, I'm sure she'd leave us with her jaws to the floor if she began to use her voice more thoroughly like that. "Russia" sounded wonderful as did the rest of the songs she had to transpose.

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    Yes, exactly - when she's in her lower register I can hear no struggle in her voice. This Honey for example is miles better than the one from Boston where she tried to reach these 'heeeees' high notes. It's not 2001 anymore and personally, I don't expect it to be.

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    Yes! I'm in. It just fits so well with who she is now, not trying to be and repeat someting that she was a long time ago. Just be more relaxed and not having to prove something. I love that MMF.

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