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Thread: Setlist and Reviews for Atlanta, GA 10/11/2017

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    Unfortunately, I was disappointed in this show. I've been sick lately, so it's possible my own low energy affected my opinions. That said, I would gladly have swapped a lot of the setlist (omg, especially Vincent GAH) for other songs. The songs I was super excited to hear (Orange Knickers, Fire on the Side, Take Me With You) seemed lacking in energy. I also hoped I'd hear more new songs, but Reindeer King was the only one. A lot of the songs felt dragged out with her repeating fragments of lyrics. As of now, this is my only show this tour, but I'm hoping I can find a way to another when Tori and I both have a bit more energy. I'm sure she's exhausted and they can't all be the best, but man am I bummed.

    ETA: I'm kind of glad to read others' thoughts and feel like, well, I'm not alone in this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grapefruit_is_winning View Post
    OMG it is CRIMINAL she did not play Agent Orange!

    I definitely don't hate this set list. God was the first Tori song I ever heard and I've never gotten it live. Black Dove is another personal favorite that I've never gotten live. This set gives me hope that I may actually get these songs in Seattle, LA1, LA3. And I would never complain about Putting the Damage On. Orange Knickers could be nice if performed well. TIYH is okay.

    Just realized there's quite a bit of overlap with the Ann Arbor show: Damage, FOTS, SATY, RK, TIYH, ASF.

    I assume she combined these two very deliberately: "Take me with you, over the rainbow."
    Yes, it was pretty much a medley with her repeating "the rainbow ends, the rainbow ends" as she switched to the Bose and started SOTR.

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    I love Orange Knickers!! Nothing will ever top those early 2014 tour performances though. Fucking unreal.
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    The show was great. Not exactly my ideal set list, but her energy was amazing; she sounded incredible, and so did the keyboards; and while there were songs I’d have liked to hear but didn’t and songs I heard that I wouldn’t have said I wanted had you asked me, I honestly felt as if she made the set list by reading my mind over the last two years! PTDO was beautiful, and I loved TMWY/Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I had really wanted Black Dove, I always love TIYH, and this God was gorgeous. Even ASF made me cry (so did Vincent, and I generally never consider that song; I like Orange Knickers, too).

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    Glad you enjoyed the show!!

    Went out to the movies tonight; Loving Vincent & my friend said to me, T's gonna play Stary Night, now
    So right after we got out, sure enough, there it is
    Now that is just too weird; not that she doesn't play it often but the odd synchronicity

    I think the energy she gives to her fans in person & live is incredible
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    It was a good show. She seemed liked she was in a good mood. Lots of smiles. The setlist wasn't really my favorite, but I enjoyed God/Running Up That Hill and Take Me with You is one of my bucket list songs. It was my first time seeing her do PTDO and Black-Dove (unless you count the 2007 soundcheck that I went to with one of those VIP packages). I've officially seen her do all of FTCH now. If we had to get a TBK song Orange Knickers was a good choice.

    A LOT of people took a bathroom break during Fake Muse. At this venue, if you leave your seat they won't let you back into the room until there's a break in songs, so that was pretty cool for those of us who didn't have to leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    That was really bizarre. She just whispered an entire line of Amber Waves, and the part she sang sounded out of tune. It seems like she's struggling vocally with this one.
    It was after the line 'You say there's not a lot of me left anymore', maybe that triggered something.

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    I thought it was great! I didn't have a very high opinion of the setlist, but seeing the connection between oranges/colors makes me appreciate it much more. I loved God/RUTH and Black Dove in particular. Vincent was great, and I happily disagree with whomever said Fire On Your Side wasn't good. I thought it was fantastic! I LOVED that she played it because I am a lover of all things YKTR and it was nice to hear something other than COTY or Etienne. I loved that she played Take Me With You, though the arrangement was not my favorite. I am not a big fan of the backing-track songs, especially i i e e e (I just don't think it works), but they were fine. Her energy was high and she seemed to be having a great time. I went with a non-Tori person and he said he really liked it.

    My major issue with this show was the sound people. The way everything was mixed (and this includes Scars on 45) was just jarring in that hall, plus there were a number of times where she switched between keyboards and was playing for a second before the mic kicked in. It was weird. It definitely improved as the show went on, at least, but i i e e e and Amber Waves in particular were cringe-y. And yeah something was up with Amber Waves - hard to say whether it was emotion or simply playing it in a too-high key, but she seemed to struggle through it.

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    I enjoyed it! Not my favorite set list by any means, but I felt that the energy was good in the room and that she seemed to be enjoying herself. There were a few times you could tell she was hesitant to reach certain notes, but in other moments she just went for it and sounded great! Vocally she wasn’t any better or worse than I’ve come to expect from her these days. I actually thought she sounded great on Fire on the Side, and I’ve never really paid attention to that song. It was nice to hear Black Dove live for the first time. Amber Waves was unexpected but lovely since I adore SW (but good lord, ASF was drawn out!) The crowd went nuts for TIYH, and she performed it well.

    This is the second time in a row, though, that I felt the set list in Atlanta was a bit lackluster. Oh well. Maybe I need to branch out and see other cities next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneday View Post
    And I've heard all the complaints about the long ASF, but it looked like Tori was really into it and it was one of my favorites of the night. She was so cute during the Oliver Stone parts.
    I was indifferent towards ASF as a closer on this tour, until I heard it live @ NY1- and I loved it!!!! So full of energy and fun!!! And T looks like she's dialed in jammin' on that keyboard!!!

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    So I got up early and headed to Atlanta, and made it to the M&G at a little after 9 in the morning. The first people got there at 4 a.m.! We were inside initially where it was warm, and then they moved us outside, because they had some children coming in to watch a performance of some kind. Lu wrote numbers on our wrists. I was number 54. The day went by fast walking around, meeting new people, and talking to old friends throughout the day. At around 2, we were given the run down on the meet and greet, and at about 3 we were given wrist bands. At around 3:15 or so they let us into the venue again and the meet with Tori proceeded. I gave her a couple of bottles of my favorite wine, asked her if she had had it before and she said no, handed her a couple of letters (one of them being mine with a request of Raining Blood). Before I knew it they were taking our picture, and I didn't really have time to pose or anything. Tori thanked me for the wine, and I was shaking all over because I was so nervous and I apologized to her, and she said something like "No, you did great!" And then I was on my way. It reminded me of the scene in the movie of A Christmas Story where the boy meets Santa Claus, and then they push him down the slide. That's how the meet went for me. It was very rushed. Not everyone got to meet her. I'm thinking about 100 or so people met her out of probably 150 people. I'm guessing since there was no Florida shows, that's why there were so many people there trying to meet her.

    As for the show, I didn't see the opener, but plan to at one of my other shows.

    I saw Tori at this venue back in 2005, and it's a great venue, so I was happy to see her there again.

    01. i i e e e - I was doing a partial Live video from facebook so I didn't really pay attention to the performance.
    02. Amber Waves - I wasn't happy that she didn't do the America the Beautiful improv, and she was whispering parts of the song. And it's not my favorite song to begin with.
    03. God / Running Up That Hill - A definite surprise, and I've always wanted RUTH, so I was thrilled with it. This is where I start thinking about ex boyfriends that I associate Tori's songs with.
    04. The Power Of Orange Knickers - This brought me back to this venue where I heard her perform this song in 2005.
    05. Putting The Damage On - This one is usually paired with Knickers so I made me reminisce again and again about breaking up with ex's.
    06. Fire On The Side - I've gotten this before and I love YKTR so I was ecstatic to hear this.
    07. Silent All These Years - She sound checked this earlier before the M&G. Never been a fan of the song, so I kind of zoned out.

    Fake Muse Network
    08. Vincent (Starry Starry Night) [Don McLean cover] - I think this is a first time for me to get this. A lot of people got up to go use the restroom or go to the bar during this. It is kinda zzzzzzz.
    09. Enjoy The Silence [Depeche Mode cover] - Being a big Depeche Mode fan it was nice hearing some DM, but she performed this at both of the Strange Little Girl shows I went to back in 2001.

    10. Reindeer King - Overall I didn't think this was a very great performance, but one part of it was extra strong.
    11. Black Dove (January) - I think this was a first for me. I began thinking about tattoo ideas after hearing the helicopter/cop out line.
    12. Take Me With You / Over The Rainbow - I recognized it immediately and I was so fucking happy to be hearing it for the first time. I agree it doesn't sound that great on the Nord, but I was grateful nevertheless. I've had Over the Rainbow a few times, so I wasn't exactly thrilled, but it was a beautiful version.
    13. Tear In Your Hand - A very solid performance. The waves were cute.

    14. A Sorta Fairytale - I dig this and I even teared up during it thinking about my mom and niece, for no real reason. It surprised me that it made me emotional.
    15. Raspberry Swirl - I fucking loved the light show during this. But looking at the audience around me, they were just standing there and not really moving with it at all. It's like Tori arrived to the rave scene a few years too late, after everyone was over the phase of raving or something.

    I left the show on a very happy note, and I'm glad I got to see the show. I really enjoyed the energy, the song selections, and the performances. I don't know how I would rank it with the previous shows I've seen in the past. but I think it would be on the upper half for sure. The show did seem very short, and it went by too fast, but I've noticed that all tour.

    Next show for me is Nashville tomorrow!
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    So I left this show with a wonderful post-concert high, meaning I enjoyed it immensely. I don't think it topped the shows I saw in 2014, but it was still very good. I've had a few days to let it all sink in and although I loved the setlist and I thought the peformances were good, I can't get over how quick and rushed it all seemed. I mean damn, it felt very short! She really blew through that set like I've not seen before.

    Highlights for me were TPOOK, Damage, Over the Rainbow and TIYD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soma View Post
    This seems like a 'sad' set, or I'm just sad she didn't play Leather for Ron. But right, I can see it fitting with holywood.

    I only saw two, but at both I noticed she didn't grab anyone and just hopped off stage.
    The hand grabbing at the end seems incredibly random this tour and/or she just zeroes in on certain people it seems.

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