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Thread: Make Your Tori Tour Stats!

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    Post Make Your Tori Tour Stats!

    Thanks to @spedinfargo for creating the awesome new collections capability on, you can now easily pull stats on the concerts you've attended.

    I've seen her 14 times since 1996, with another 4 shows to come this year.

    Unique Songs: 158

    Songs Played Most:
    Cornflake Girl 10/14
    Precious Things 8/14
    Big Wheel 7/14
    Siren 6/14
    Parasol 5/14
    Hey Jupiter 5/14
    Tear In Your Hand 5/14

    Songs It Seems Like I Should Have Gotten By Now (but haven't):
    Muhammed My Friend
    Black Dove (!!!!!)
    Playboy Mommy

    Covers I've Gotten More Than Once
    A Case of You (Joni Mitchell)
    I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

    Statistical Oddities
    -I've gotten "Cool On Your Island" at 30% of my shows, but she's only played it at 7% of her shows overall
    -I've gotten "Siren" at 43% of my shows, but she's only played it at 17% of her shows overall. Acually, I might be right on track, if you discounted all shows she performed before Siren was written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kari View Post
    OMG this is amazing....

    I've gotten Landslide at 5 shows. WTF. NO MAS LANDSLIDE POR FAVOR.
    Isn't it cool?! Sped is my hero, seriously.

    Serious WTF on Landslide! Haha That is totally crazy! I have never loved the original song or her covers of it.

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    Apparently I've gotten Almost Rosey twice. I don't remember her performing that song AT ALL.

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    This is so helpful! Thanks a million times, @spedinfargo!!!

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    This is awesome! First show ever: Ames, IA - 1996. Last Show: Chicago, 2012 (I can't believe it's been that many years, but it has).

    What's weird is that I've only gotten Leather twice in eight shows. But I rolled my eyes hard...twice.

    Most played:
    Precious Things (6/8)
    Silent All These Years (5/8)

    A bunch of stuff three times. I've only gotten Hey, Jupiter three times, but I've died each time - and it seems like it's been more.
    I've gotten Landslide three times. I do love me some Landslide, but I'm ready for something new!

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Peeping Tommi
    Bug a Martini
    Daisy Dead Petals (twice!)
    The Wrong Band. It may not be a rarity now, but this was in 2001 and everyone lost their minds.


    The sad list of never played but WANT includes:

    Spark (well, she did it in 1998 - because she always was), but I want it now.
    Muhammad My Friend - you'd have to revive me on the spot
    I Can't See New York (okay, I've gotten it once, but it was in South Dakota in 2003 and that show was torturous for me).

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    What a fab feature! I've seen 4 shows which included 66 unique songs. Bells For Her, Hey Jupiter, and Leather are the mainstays (3/4 shows), and I've gotten 10 songs from ADP (not surprising since two shows were from that tour). I doubt I'll ever add to this collection since I don't think she'll do another Australia tour, but I'm content since I managed to see my top 3 songs and some nice rarities in those shows.

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    these days just seem to crush me
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    18 shows, 166 unique songs (though he doesn't have the soundstage performance)

    Outside of the usual COrnflake girl, precious things, a sorta fairytale and other staples from recent tours since '01, top songs i have

    Father Lucifer 6/18
    Crucify 6/18
    Take to the Sky 6/18 (no more please!)
    Winter 6/18
    Here in my head 5/18
    Little Earthquakes 5/18
    hey jupiter 5/18

    Songs i should've gotten by now
    Little Amsterdam

    Rarities (be jealous yo!)
    BLack Swan
    Carnival (which basically sounded like bacherlorette)
    Bachelorette (twice!!)
    Strange Little Girl
    Apollo's Frock
    Never seen blue
    beulah land
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    Edit 10/28/17

    I've seen her 15 times for a total of 140 different songs.

    Most Played:

    Precious Things - 10
    Cornflake Girl - 9
    Tear In Your Hand - 8
    Sugar - 6
    iieee - 6
    Crucify - 5
    Black Dove - 5
    A Sorta Fairytale - 5

    I've gotten Real Men once which is my favorite live Tori cover and Doughnut Song 3 times which is my favorite Tori song.

    She's played 15 out of my top 20 songs as follows:

    I've gotten Yes, Anastasia TWICE.

    Songs that I would love to hear live:

    Marys of the Sea
    Purple People
    Upside Down
    Gold Dust

    @spedinfargo - thank you so much for compiling all this. you rock.

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    I've seen her four times total and not a whole lot of repeats. I've apparently seen over 70 songs in just four shows!

    The only song I've seen more than twice is Cornflake Girl – which I've seen three times total.

    Songs I've seen twice:
    Precious Things
    Here. In My Head (requested at first show – didn't get it then but got it the next two tours!)
    Take to the Sky (once with I Feel the Earth Move, once with Datura)
    Raspberry Swirl (once great, the other time with that fucking loop disaster)
    Pandora's Aquarium (another request/repeat!)
    1000 Oceans
    Big Wheel
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    Looking at my stats, I realize I'd be perfectly happy not to get Cornflake Girl, Precious Things, Big Wheel, or Hey Jupiter ever again (four of the top ten songs I've heard her play live.) Especially PT. For some reason I am just completely over that song, both on record and in person. It seems like I'm out of the norm on this, but I have never really loved HJ, especially live, especially as a closer. Ugh and I did not like Big Wheel with the quartet - that made no sense to me.

    @spedinfargo - have you ever contemplated creating insights and visualizations with all the toriset data? There are so many interesting possibilities. I would love to see her top songs performed by region, for one. I'm not asking you to be even more generous than you already are, just curious if you have thought about it, or have any interest in that kind of thing.

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    :O Is this the old one from long ago or a new one, it's amazing either way, I always miss when thinking about shows. Thanks SOOOO much for doing it.
    It doesn't seem to be working though to log in, I've tried with chrome and opera and get this, I'm on PC
    "Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings."

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    I was getting the same error.

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    Only been to 6 shows (it feels like more?) and 87 unique songs. Still so many I want to see!

    HIMH, Sugar, Dutchman, Upside Down, Banana King please! TTtS is the only LE b-side I've ever heard
    Past the Mission
    Sister Janet
    Doughnut Song and Father Lucifer?!
    Playboy Mommy
    Never Seen Blue/Beulah Land

    And most egregious of all, my shows NEVER have much Scarlet. In the 5 NYC shows I've been to since 2007 she's only played ASF, Pancake, Mountain and ASF once apiece.

    Among non-staples I've had a lot of China, Icicle and Siren.

    (Love the new feature!)

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    @Nick - I would kill for Banana King too, such an underrated gem! The lyrics are hysterical.

    Caught in her rug, babe...

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    9 shows total (2009-2014)

    Unique Songs: 110
    First Show: Sep 25, 2009 (Vienna, Austria)
    Latest show: Jun 7, 2014 (Linz, Austria)

    Most played:
    5 times: Siren, Winter
    4 times: Cloud on My Tongue, Big Wheel, Playboy Mommy, Cornflake Girl

    The good:
    Garlands - 2 times

    The bad:
    Ribbons Undone - 2 times
    Secret Spell - 2 times

    The ugly:
    not seeing any shows this tour
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