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Thread: Torrent & Bootlegs (2017 Native Invader Tour)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi View Post
    here's a new dropbox link
    the other links don't work anymore
    i've moved all the bootlegs into one folder - i will try and add future bootlegs
    these are the ones i have so far:

    tell me if it stops working
    Thanks for these links from me as well! I grabbed a couple from your Dropbox since I'm having a hard time keeping my ratio up on Dime...

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    Does anybody happen to know if the taper known as nocode77 used to be easy77? She always did such amazing recordings on past tours.

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    Tori Amos-2017-10-06-02 Academy Glasgow Scotland 16bit44.1 flac with samples
    Original Link:
    Filename: 2017-10-06-Tori Amos-O2 Academy-Glasgow 16bit44.1khz flac.torrent
    Info Hash: 3563a188fcb9a1523304c0f20cf2e6ca262acb54
    Size: 564.54 MB (591,962,005 bytes) (24 files)
    Uploaded by: brecia

    Tori Amos
    O2 Academy

    6th October 2017


    AT853's Hypers-4.7K mod-into CA 9200-Sony PCM10-Scandisk Ultra 16gb sd card-Audacity-Amplify 7db,Compresser,CD Wave-Traders Little Helper level 6 to flac

    Please feel free to correct any mistakes and inaccuracies

    Recorded in 24bit 98khz
    recorded 10ft center stage

    Tori Amos-vocals,grand piano, keyboard

    101-i i e e e
    104-Baker Baker
    107-Silent All These Years
    108-Fake Muse Network (rap)
    109-Here Comes the Rain Again
    110-Famous Blue Raincoat
    111-Reindeer King
    116-Blood Roses
    117-Encore Clapping
    118-Precious Things
    119-A Sorta Fairytale

    I hope this recording can inspire you to go along to a TORI AMOS show and buy some of her excellent music albums

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    Edit: this one showed up on Dime again...

    Tori Amos - 2017-10-24 St. Paul, MN
    Original Link:
    Filename: Tori Amos - 2017-10-24 St. Paul, MN.torrent
    Info Hash: cef971d6b1ba7fe2233ac41bfb4ff815b3359cf5
    Size: 505.69 MB (530,250,442 bytes) (22 files)
    Uploaded by: datwhisper

    Tori Amos
    Date: October 24, 2017
    City: St. Paul, MN
    Venue: O’Shaughnessy Auditorium

    Tascam DR-05 Recorder>16bit/44K

    Transfer: SD>Wav>Audacity (volume+12db, tracking), audacity>flac


    Space Dog
    America the Beautiful
    Amber Waves
    Tori Says Hello
    Father’s Son
    Funeral Song for Pervs
    Purple Rain
    Reindeer King
    Bells for Her
    Way Down/When Doves Cry/Fayth
    a sorta fairytale
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    I’m not on Dime currently but if the show ends up seeded again and someone’s able to send me the flac I would love them forever. This was probably my favorite show I’ve seen.
    Remember that we once lived

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    Didn't realize you were also there. It got re-seeded and I was able to pull it down. I find a place to upload it for you when I get home tonight...

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    Thank you, @spedinfargo ! Yeah, I was there. I’m from the Twin Cities so I try to see her there and visit family when she comes around. After missing 2014’s show just narrowly, it was great to be there this time. Shame we didn’t run into each other! Been using your site for my geekdom for at least nine or ten years.
    Remember that we once lived

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    Another nother Munich showed up on DIME today:
    Original link:

    Tori Amos
    30 September 2017
    Philharmonie, Munich, Germany

    Lineage: Tascam DR-07MK2, 16bit/44.1khz
    Transfer: SD/USB - Magix Audio Cleaning Lab - Free Audio Editor - Flac (8)

    Taper: nocode77
    Location: Block B, Row 6, Seat 20
    Sound Quality: Excellent

    Lenght: 98:58 minutes
    Full Artwork included

    Set list:
    CD One 50:58 minutes
    01. Iieee 7:51
    02. Doughnut Song 7:03
    03. Russia 2:50
    04. Graveyard 1:13
    05. Past The Mission 5:10
    06. Cloud On My Tongue 6:00
    07. Suede 6:46
    08. Toast 4:28
    09. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac Cover) 3:57
    10. River (Joni Mitchell Cover) 5:33

    CD Two 48:00 minutes
    01. Reindeer King 7:31
    02. 1.000 Oceans 4:50
    03. Take Me With You 6:16
    04. Winter 7:03
    05. Almost Rosey 7:16
    06. Flavor 4:04
    07. A Sorta Fairytale 10:54

    This was my second live show I'll see from Tori in 2017 and it starts with a shock.
    When I'm in Munich I can't find my microphone in my car!

    So, the Tascam recorder have his own microphones. So I had the chance
    to record the show. To my shame, I haven't ever test the Tascam microphones!!

    It was not so easy, to hold the recorder during the show in the same position but
    I can say, the result is excellent. The Tascam microphones are very good.

    What can I say about the show. Once again a great performance with an very interested
    songset. And with "Suede" and "1000 Oceans" she played two songs from
    my all time favorit CD: "To Venus and back".

    From the songset in Linz she played only 3 songs, so I heard 14 new songs!!
    That's incredible.

    As always, NEVER for sale, trade freely, and always support the artists' commercial endeavors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farfel View Post
    Another nother Munich showed up on DIME today:
    Original link:
    Third (THIRD!) Munich source. Taper central!

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    Tori Amos - 2017-10-30, Massey Hall, Toronto
    Original Link:
    Filename: Tori Amos Toronto Massey Hall 10-31-14 Flac.torrent
    Info Hash: 6a321c543b1ad30c59226a2a686e1fa2b20fef9f
    Size: 461.47 MB (483,886,837 bytes) (18 files)
    Uploaded by: ana1009

    Tori Amos
    Date : October 30, 2017
    City: Toronto, Ontario Canada
    Venue: Massey Hall

    Recorder - Sony ICUX 16bit/44K

    Sony ICUX Recorder - Audicty - AVS Audio Converter - wav

    taper - anastasia1009 Deborah

    i i e e e

    Flying Dutchman

    Little Amsterdam
    (tour debut)

    Upside Down

    Upside Down 2

    Amber Waves
    (with "America the Beautiful" intro)


    Fake Muse Network

    Ahead by a Century (The Tragically Hip cover) *** my request when I met Tori and babbled about Gord
    New Age (The Velvet Underground cover)

    Reindeer King

    Purple People


    Black-Dove (January)

    Yes, Anastasia

    Wings (live debut)

    Precious Things

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    Eyyy! Good to see another NA show surface
    Remember that we once lived

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi View Post
    update: added new bootlegs to the dropbox folder
    new ones in red:

    2017-09-09 Ghent
    2017-09-11 Glasgow
    2017-09-10 Luxembourg
    2017-09-11 Paris
    2017-09-20 Linz
    2017-09-23 Copenhagen
    2017-09-29 Berlin
    2017-09-30 Munich (1)
    2017-09-30 Munich (2)
    2017-09-30 Munich (3)
    2017-10-01 Vienna
    2017-10-05 Manchester
    2017-10-24 St Paul
    2017-10-30 Toronto

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    Tori Amos - 2017-10-31, Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor
    Original Link:
    Filename: Tori Amos Michagan Theatre Ann Arbor Oct 31 2017.torrent
    Info Hash: e11bc01544cd84ff9313195eeb6bed48fa92db9a
    Size: 440.55 MB (461,948,142 bytes) (18 files)
    Uploaded by: ana1009

    Tori Amos
    Date: October 31, 2017
    City: Ann Arbor Michigan
    Venue: Michigan Theatre

    sitting row L right side

    Recorder - Sony ICUX 16bit/44K

    Sony ICUX Recorder - Wav -Audicty - AVS Audio Converter - Traders Little Helper

    taper - anastasia1009 Deborah M

    *** you can hear my husband talk about my favorite album being Boys for Pele
    and asking if I had kleenex for Fire on the side

    i i e e e
    Sister Janet
    Daisy Dead Petals
    Fire on the Side (Y Kant Tori Read song)
    Putting the Damage On
    Caught a Lite Sneeze

    Fake Muse Network
    Bell, Book and Candle (Eddi Reader cover)
    Live to Tell (Madonna cover)

    Reindeer King
    Silent All These Years
    Bells for Her
    Tear in Your Hand

    Encore: *** gave him the recorder for the encore so I could do stage rush
    Precious Things
    A Sorta Fairytale

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    The second night of LA (12-2) is up on DIME. Haven't downloaded yet.

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    TORI AMOS 2017-11-11 CBS This Morning-Saturday (S6 E265)(KYWDT) ProShot HD .mkv
    Original Link:
    Filename: Tori Amos 2017-11-11 CBS This Morning-Saturday
    Info Hash: a7831568b14e6bbbec652b165bbfadb8ed96fed4
    Size: 1.49 GB (1,596,707,287 bytes) (3 files)
    Uploaded by: rockcat

    CBS This Morning-Saturday (S6 E265)
    Gibson Guitar Showroom [interview]
    CBS Broadcast Center [performance]
    New York, NY
    November 11, 2017 (Veterans Day)

    This is a raw HD .mkv file suitable for authoring to blu-ray or DVD, or for simply watching on your PC or Mac.

    Source: Pro Shot OTA HDTV broadcast on KYW-DT (CBS-HD)

    Lineage: CBS HDTV > TiVo XL Premiere > kmttg v2.2t > VideoReDo TVSuite v5.3.4.748 > MPEG-2 Matroska MKV (*.mkv)


    1. intro
    2. teaser
    3. interview
    4. "Cloud Riders"
    5. "Silent All These Years" [snippet]
    6. "Silent All These Years" [includes end credits]


    Duration : 00:13:43.20
    Mux type : MKV
    Encoding : MPEG2
    VideoStreamID : x201
    Frame rate : 29.97 fps
    Encoding size : 1920 x 1080
    Aspect ratio : 16:9
    Header bit rate : 80.000 Mbps
    VBV buffer : 976 KBytes
    Profile : Main@High
    Progressive : Prog or Int
    Chroma : 4:2:0
    Bit rate : 14.531 Mbps
    Actual Video Bitrate: 14.43 Mbps
    Captioning : EIA 608
    Field order : Top field first
    Audio Stream: 1 (Primary)
    Codec : AC3
    Channels : 5.1
    Language : eng
    PID : x202
    PES Stream Id : xBD
    Bit rate : 384 Kbps
    Sampling rate : 48000
    Sample size : 16 bits

    Seeded to DIME on 2017-11-11 by rockcat

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