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Thread: Pet Peeves

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    I did. There is no Howard in that book. Nor does he have an end. (You are making a joke, right? Apparently I'm awake but my brain isn't.)
    I am the beginning. The end. The one that is many.

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    Speaking of missing/misplaced apostrophes and other errors on signs, I saw this article/interview on NPR last week. Here's part of it below.

    A Man, A Plan And A Sharpie: "The Great Typo Hunt"

    It is not unusual to find a misspelled word on a sign in a store window, or to notice an apostrophe is missing on a billboard - irritating perhaps, but not at all rare. Now, most of us, seeing the word Thursday misspelled on a cafe chalkboard, would shake our heads, possibly mutter something about the state of education in America and continue on our way.

    But what else would you do? Would you walk inside and ask the manager or owner if you might just swap the misplaced U and the R and turn Thrusday, T-H-R-U-S-D-A-Y, back into the correctly spelled Thursday, T-H-U-R-S-D-A-Y? Well, Jeff Deck did just that.

    On a cross-country trip with his buddy Benjamin Herson, they identified ask permission to fix more than 400 homonym mix ups, wandering commas and plain, old typos. His new book coauthored with Herson is "The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time." Jeff Deck joins us from the studios of New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord, New Hampshire. Jeff, nice to talk with you.
    Now I want to go on my own typo hunt.

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    speaking of misplaced apostrophes, did you guys read this article from npr?

    the great typo hunt

    i had an english teacher in high school who cut her hand/broke her wrist (something like that) when she was trying to fix a typo on one of those big markee sign things (like they have in front of churches with the saying) in front of a business. she was very proud of that story.

    EDIT : i just noticed soulquake beat me to the story!


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    When you get a softdrink at a fastfood restaurant, and the lid isn't closed properly, and you go to take a drink, and it spills out onto your clothes!

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    The sound of someone walking in heels/noisy shoes. Just no!

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