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Thread: 2018 Albums

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    Well guess what Mimi, WE DID. Octopussy's Avatar
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    Heart-Shaped Bed full LP coming Oct. 26

    If the song wasn't treading on L. Del Rey territory already, the video certainly does

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    Only knows desire. Perky Compson's Avatar
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    What a great gift for Halloween.

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    I am not a loony beanstew's Avatar
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    The new Dubstar (remember them!) come out on Friday and I'm liking what I'm hearing.

    Dubstar - Why Don't You Kiss Me (Official Music Video)

    Dubstar - Love Comes Late (Official Music Video)

    I saw them do a one-off gig in 2013 at a tiny London venue and they said they were working on something new but there's been harly any news from the Dubstar camp since. I'd given up hope and now here we are with a whole album!
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