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Thread: Road to the 2018 Academy Awards

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    Quote Originally Posted by plastic•husband View Post
    LOL, Hugh Grant for Paddington 2? Over Richard Jenkins, Armie Hammer, Michael Stuhlbarg?
    Richard Jenkins deserves all the nominations for TSOW!

    Saw I, Tonya and The Post this weekend. Post & TSOW will probably duke it out for Best Picture. Sebastian Stan probably won't get a nom for his work in I,Tonya, but he deserves one. I had no idea I was watching Bucky from the Captain America films up on screen. Margot Robbie I thought also did an excellent job, and I wouldn't be mad if she got a nom. Streep was dynamite in The Post as well, but I think this year the Best Actress category is Sally Hawkins' to lose for TSOW.

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    I’d say it’s between Sally and Saoirse right now. Toss-up at this point.
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    ^Hmm, not to jinx her chances but I think Frances is the hottest choice. She’s been walking away with every award she’s been nominated for lately.

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    If Frances wins the fn SAG... she'll be unbeatable.

    My criterion for Best Actress is probably not your criterion.. and it's probably not what it was even last year, but I think Margot Robbie should win. And she probably won't win anything from this point on.

    Yet, sometimes a nomination is an award in itself. Margot, I'd say, is a lock. You just never know. They like to be funky sometimes in the actress categories. If they do put a surprise up, I don't see it hurting her.

    If Chau and Blige can both make it to supporting that will be a surprise to me. I think Laurie and Allison are fighting for it. Octavia gets in because TSOW was incredible, she was great and Oscar loves her... but other than that.. Holly Hunter getting in wouldn't surprise me at all.
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    I just saw Three Billboards and want it to win endless awards. McDormand and Rockwell were incredible.

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    I'm sorry to say that I kind of had the opposite reaction to Three Billboards. And I'm tired of Frances McDormand parading her scowl everywhere and calling that a performance.

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