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Thread: Top 10 Kate Winslet

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    Top 10 Kate Winslet

    Similar to the Top 10 Nicole Kidman thread.
    What are you top 10 favorite performances from Kate Winslet?

    1.) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - is my absolute favorite performance by Kate. In this spoiler there are two scenes particularly that get me every time I watch the movie

    2. Little Children - I think the book club scene is one of the most iconic scenes in my Kate Winslet vocabulary of scenes I have it under the next spoiler

    3. Revolutionary Road - I think this film is almost entirely carried by Kate. If you back to watch the original trailer for the film.. every scene you see in it, she commands. I total tour de force performance.

    4. Jude - A film that truly disturbs me but the scene at the river when they've just met and she's running and everything that she thinks her life will be.. she is so happy, so super overly happy/vibrant about what she thinks the future holds for her. And then at the end ... you're crying your eyes out to see what her reality actually is.
    5. Titantic - DUH
    6. The Reader - She did win an Oscar and it is a stunning performance. Funny that Ricky Gervais said she'd win an Oscar when she did a proper WWII film.
    7. Holy Smoke - I think we all know what the most shocking scene is in this film and the fact she could go there with it. I've never seen anything like it.
    8. Sense and Sensibility - It's just a wonderful performance and a happy one, too.
    9. Finding Neverland
    10. Steve Jobs - She got the accent so perfectly right. Three acts to the film and she's vital to each one.

    Heavenly Creatures is a movie I never watch anymore. But if It ever came on cable again, I probably would. I know it's what put her on the map and many think it's her best performance.. so honorable mentions here.

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