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Thread: Songs you like (But most people hate)

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    I love Sleeps with Butterflies. Whenever it comes on, I sing at the top of my lungs and annoy my neighbors. It's pure fluff and I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisnotget View Post
    Heart of Gold owns my body
    Ok I've just read "Harps of Gold owns my body" and had to reread a few times until I got it right

    I like it too, it was one of my first favs from SLG which I heard in 2007 for the first time (along with other albums) and then I got Pip at my Prague show and god, she rocked it.

    I like Fire to Your Plain (now much less than before but still a bright point on aats mess)
    Dolphin Song (esp. when I realized she references medieval French litterature that I used to study)
    Father's Son
    Original Sinsuality (but I realized it after hearing it live in 2014)
    Unrepentant Geraldines' first part (maybe not hated but understimated comparing to Vicar's Wife)
    Sleeps with Butterflies takes me back to the time I discovered Tori through TBK, I thought my life had changed but I didnt know the best was yet to discover
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    Quote Originally Posted by .chris View Post
    I love the description of Jennifer Lopez singing Muzak at a dentist's waiting room for Sweet the Sting. So many bad production choices on that song.
    Ditto. Plus the video cracks me up. It looks like a Starbucks commercial. I always think of that Rolling Stone review of TBK -- they were painfully accurate when they described it as a "female John Mayer or Jack Johnson." OUCH.

    That said... I really like this version.

    If only there was a way to combine this with the band jamming from Santa's version, that would be perfect.

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    Marys of the Sea
    Fast Horse
    Purple People (soundcheck)


    She's Your Cocaine
    Original Sinsuality
    General Joy
    Cars and Guitars
    Goodbye Pisces
    Father's Son
    Bouncing Off Clouds
    Girl Disappearing
    Beauty of Speed
    Almost Rosey
    You Can Brang Your Dog
    Curtain Call
    The Happy Worker
    Ring My Bell

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    1000 Oceans
    Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas
    Sleeps With Butterflies
    Cars & Guitars
    Secret Spell
    Roosterspur Bridge
    ~just an underwater thing~

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    If Marys of the Sea is a hated song then I say it's fucking gorgeous, even though there's a tiny grammar error that is not acceptable for as a French philologist. But Helsinki 2015 just made me love this song even more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlegreen View Post
    I await the stones but...

    Harps of Gold
    Me too

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    I absolutely adore everything about it. Especially solo piano performances of it.

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