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Thread: What's your ADP playlist?

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    What's your ADP playlist?

    In an older thread, several people mentioned reordering ADP so that it sounded much better. If you've done this, what's your playlist?

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    1: Big Wheel
    2: Bouncing off Clouds
    3: Girl Disappearing
    4: My Posse Can Do
    5: Body and Soul
    6: Code Red
    7: Father’s Son
    8: Devils and Gods
    9: Roosterspur Bridge
    10: Beauty of Speed
    11: Velvet Revolution
    12: Almost Rosey
    13: Smokey Joe
    14: Dragon
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    I think everyone did this in the ADP thread. I like all the songs, so I used them all:

    Body & Soul (live Provinssirock)
    Bouncing Off Clouds (AOL sessions)
    Father's Son
    Programmable Soda/Velvet Revolution (suite)
    Big Wheel (AOL sessions)
    Digital Ghost
    Almost Rosey
    Roosterspur Bridge (vocals turned down mix)
    Beauty of Speed
    Girl Disappearing (live in Lawrence)
    Secret Spell (live Provinssirock)
    Teenage Hustling
    You Can Bring Your Dog
    Mr. Bad Man
    Fat Slut/Smokey Joe
    Devils and Gods (extended live in DC)
    Code Red (live in Philly)
    Dark Side of the Sun (Yanta's instrumental lol)
    Posse Bonus
    Yo George (live in Indianapolis)
    My Posse Can Do
    Drive All Night

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    01. My Posse Can Do
    02. Bouncing off Clouds
    03. Body and Soul
    04. Smokey Joe
    05. Code Red
    06. Roosterspur Bridge
    07. Beauty of Speed
    08. Almost Rosey
    09. Miracle
    10. Dark Side of the Sun
    11. Dragon

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