Seventeen questions about your year in entertainment.

1. What was your favorite live event (concert, sporting event, play, festival, convention, etc.) you attended in 2017?

I was able to see Hello Dolly on Broadway. Bette Midler. That is all. I also worked for a professional softball team over the summer, so it's a tie since I guided that team to the title this season!

2. Favorite musical artist of 2017?

Though the album is not of 2017, I became obsessed with the Lumineers. I saw them five times in 2017.

3. What song did you hit “repeat” on the most in 2017?

Bang by Tori
4. Favorite book and/or comic you read in 2017?

I was finishing grad school, so there wasn't a whole lot of reading going on, but of what I did read, I really enjoyed Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

5. Favorite TV show you binge watched in 2017?

I revisited Nurse Jackie because my sister hadn't seen it. I've seen the whole series a few times, but it was still the best thing about TV binge watching for me. I also quite enjoyed Transparent.
6. Favorite TV show you watched week to week in 2017?

Embrassing, maybe, but I really dug Top Chef

9. Favorite documentary of 2017?

Burn the Ships. It's a documentary about the stuggle of the National Profastpitch League and its players. For those who are in learning about the ups and downs of women's advancement in sport, check it out. I believe it's on Hulu.

15. What’s your favorite/most used app on your smartphone in 2017?
WTForecast. Silly, maybe, but in encapsulated the fact that I nearly sweated to death in Houston over the summer

16. Who is the one entertainer that died in 2017 you’d bring back? (There can be only one!)

Probably Tom Petty
17. What was your 2017 like as depicted in emojis or a single .gif