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Thread: David Simon's The Deuce

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    David Simon's The Deuce

    I don't see a thread about it. I am a huge fan of David Simon and George Pelacanos. I am basically obsessed with The Wire to the point that I probably annoy people gushing over how brilliant it is. (Yes, I'm one of THOSE. I try to contain myself when I see people just aren't interested, though.) My husband and I actually traveled to Baltimore to see where it was filmed. It was only 5 hours away from my home town in NC so, not really that crazy, right? And Baltimore is a really cool city anyway. (The fresh seafood is to die for. I will never have crabcakes anywhere else, because they would never be half as good as Faidley's.)

    As soon as I heard about a show set in 70s NYC, I was on board. I have always been fascinated with NYC, especially the NYC of the 20s through the 90s. Don't ask, I don't get it either, having never been there. I just adore books and movies set there. Then when I hear David Simon was behind it, I said to my friend WHY ISN'T THIS OUT YET?

    Anyone seen the first season? At first I was VERY disappointed James Franco would be involved. (I thought so little of his performance in 11-22-63.) Never really been a fan. But he did surprisingly well, playing twins, at that!
    Maggie Gyllenhall is just AMAZING. She broke my heart. She's always fantastic in everything, so no surprise there. I felt such compassion for the sex workers and weirdly fascinated with the pimps, and how they came to be. Every character was interesting to me.
    Really the whole cast was great, and I'm looking forward to a rewatch because I know there are things I missed. I'm thrilled to know the next season jumps ahead to the late 70s when things were REALLY getting insane. Although watching the rise of HIV/AIDS is going to be incredibly devastating to watch.

    Just thought we could have a discussion. If there IS a thread somewhere and I missed it, please mods, feel free to delete this!
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