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Thread: New Album 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapefruit_is_winning View Post

    Does she live in Lisbon or something?

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    This is really hard to understand without the full context, which the photographer doesn't include in his post. I wonder what bothered him about this? Isn't it pretty standard for someone to want to hear a photographer's ideas or see some mock-ups before agreeing to have them shoot an album cover?

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    Looking at the pics on his Instagram, I can't imagine why Madonna would like this guy to make the cover of her album. The pictures he posted look so... childish.
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    "Madonna’s next album will be coming out soon, and before its release, she invites the winning bidder and up to three guests to join her in her London recording studio to preview some of the songs from the album with her."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey View Post
    Since there's been absolutely no news aside from "working on it," some drama has popped up today regarding the new album cover. Apparently Madonna was interested in an artist named Sebastian Bieniek for the cover, so Guy Oseary, her manager, reached out to him. Here's the conversation which Sebastian took screenshots of and posted to his Instagram account.

    So, I'm assuming he's no longer in the running.
    Surprising myself first and foremost, I'm firmly on Madonna's side in this case. She has every right to look at as many ideas and as many designers as she likes for her album cover, and this guy is a tool for not acknowledging the opportunity he's being given. Artists, including some top-level ones in every field, have to audition for work. Deal with it or do something else.

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