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Thread: New Album 2018

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    Color me fascinated. "God Control"? "Dark Ballet"? "I Don't Search, I Find"? I looooove those titles.

    Batuku and Funana are both African dances. Maybe those are just the style of the songs and not the titles? "Come on, Bataku! You've got to, let your body..."

    Back That Up was also a leaked Pharrell demo from Rebel Heart which I kind of hate.
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    This sounds almost aggressively uncommercial, which is interesting. I'm sure she'll get a lot of flak for being a culture vulture based on what we know about this project so far.

    Also, I'm glad that "Beautiful Game" was either dumped or transformed into something else. I didn't care for the bit we heard at the Met Gala, although I quite liked everything else about that performance.

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