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Thread: The Entertainment Industry's BS Machine Pt 2: Perverts and Bigots Boogaloo

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    ^Yes, I'm pretty sure some of that stuff was written in Marilyn Manson's book which coincidentally was a big part of what caused that falling out. The 80s/90s were just really gross when it came to this type of behavior.

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    T’were ever thus. I’ll bet that Mozart fucked underage groupies.

    What a horrible (yet very well told) story. I hope that Maynard can be dealt some form of justice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluteoftheloon View Post
    Didn't Trent Reznor do really degrading shit to groupies to amuse himself and his friends? Eating cheerios out of a dog bowl on all fours, coffee enemas or something. Ogre from Skinny Puppy stopped being friends with him over that, iirc.
    When I had the flu with complications in December of last year, I spent a lot of time in bed and on my computer! The next thing I know I was watching When Metal Ruled: 80s Glam. (VHL) The show was made in 2003. All of the band members were BOOSTING and LAUGHING about the raunchy things they'd do. The one that sticks out to me the most was was some glam metal dude would take a woman back to the trailer and have sex with her. Everything fine there, connecting adults and all. BUT, turns out, that the rock-dude would put the sex on CCTV so friends and band members could watch...WITHOUT the consent of the woman. They guy that was telling that story was laughing, etc. And all I could thing of was OH HELL NO! Yeah, I heard all the other shit from other bands/glam stars, but it was always billed as consensual.

    Here, I found it

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