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Thread: The Entertainment Industry's BS Machine Pt 2: Perverts and Bigots Boogaloo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete! View Post
    I think QT's Polanski comments are enough to put me off watching any of his movies again.
    That interview with Howard Stern did my head in.
    He didn't rape a 13 year old. That was statutory rape.

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    GQ released an interesting piece about Brendan Fraser today and in it he admits he was groped by Philip Berk, who was president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the time.

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    It's a fascinating, sad story. (But ultimately hopeful, because he's having a comeback.) Not only was there the groping, but there were bad physical problems and other things, and his career skidded for quite awhile. Absolutely worth a read.
    At my core, I think we're gonna be OK.

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